Sunday , November 29 2020

British Bank Standard Chartered illegally tried to manipulate the brink, 2019

The British Financial Services Company Standard Chartered has pleaded guilty to manipulating the border between 2007 and 2013.

Standard Chartered dealers used a number of illegal tactics to maximize profits.

Money Show's Bruce Whitfield interviewed Stuart Theobald, financial analyst and chairman of Intellidex.

(For more details click here to read "Standard Chartered Placing in Currency Manipulation".)

Listen to the interview in the sound below (and scroll down for quotes from it).

It doesn't look like a big break for me … It doesn't help the competition authorities in South Africa …

Stuart Theobald, Chairman – Intellidex

It is not at all clear that any of this activity has happened in South Africa … that is relevant [to local competition authorities] if it had an economic impact in South Africa …

Stuart Theobald, Chairman – Intellidex

It could have been the case that the exchange rate could have moved with a few points for a few seconds … Even the largest banks are small fish in that market …

Stuart Theobald, Chairman – Intellidex

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