Saturday , November 28 2020

Emeli Sande reveals her Disney inspiration

The 32-year-old singer has revealed that she developed her award-winning musical talents by watching Disney's The Little Mermaid & # 39; obsessive as a child.

FILE: British singer-songwriter Emeli Sande performs at the BRIT Awards 2017 ceremony and live show in London on February 22, 2017. Image: AFP

LONDON – Award-winning musician Emeli Sande has revealed that she is inspired by Disney movies.

The 32-year-old singer has revealed she developed her award-winning musical talents by watching Disney's The little Mermaid obsessive as a child.

She recalled, "When I was three or four, I just wanted to play that movie and rewind it and play it and rewind it and play it. I think I learned to sing from Ariel!"

And Emeli returned to her favorite Disney movie when she started writing new records for her third studio album.

She told the BBC: "When you see the way kids are gravitating towards" Frozen "or" The Little Mermaid "or even" The Greatest Showman ", it's clear that there is a real longing for melody.

"I have to check myself sometimes because hip hop has become the new pop, and tunes can get a lot of & # 39; a note & # 39;.

"Don't make me wrong, it's fun to write like this sometimes – but I had to go back and listen to Disney movies and musicals and even classical music to remind me of all the other things you can do.

"I really think the more melody we have, the better."

Emeli worked on her latest album with a number of musicians in her newly built recording studio.

And Read all about it hitmaker has resembled her approach to participating in a "great writing".

She said, "We had to start every day about two and talk nonsense for a couple of hours. Then people would cook – my specialty was vegan" fake chicken nuggets "- and it all began to come together in the evening.

"The freedom and companionship made it so special. It kind of had this wildness. And finally we got 200 songs or something crazy."

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