Friday , January 22 2021

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The latest (and cheapest) Fitbit is one you can't buy in stores

Fitness trackers are almost a must-have, but the price is often the biggest obstacle. Fitbit's latest (and apparently cheapest) trackers, Inspire and Inspire HR, could have been just what the doctor ordered, but unfortunately you will have your work cut out and find one. Inspire and Inspire HR shares a set of features: basic tracking and notifications, battery capacity and waterproof rating. In addition, Inspire tracks HR heart rate (obscurity), sleep and GPS data using the phone's GPS. Beautiful basic things. They also share another thing: They are only available through Fitbit's Fitbit Health Solutions arm, which means jobs and insurance companies can handle them. You will not be able to buy one of the shelves, at least for the moment. Pity.

Source: Fitbit

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