Tuesday , January 26 2021

Tesla Model 3 Tops Global EV Sales List For 2018

Tesla Model 3 topped the global EV sales ranking, which was prepared by CleanTechnica and EV Volumes for 2018. In fact, Tesla dominated as a brand top 5 with all three models there. The Nissan Leaf and BAIC EC series were also among the top five EVs sold in 2018.

In absolute terms, the Tesla Model 3 sales fell by 140,000, with Chinese BAIC's EC series of about 90,000 vehicles and Nissan Leaf slightly lower than that. Tesla challengers from BMW, Toyota, Renault and Mitsubishi were far down the list.

The ranking suggests that model 3 may actually turn out to be the car that will tip Tesla's wealth into a positive area, after a number of mass production delays and an even longer range of quarterly losses reported by Tesla doubted whether the company had long live.

Nevertheless, the most shorter company in the US market history somehow managed to turn things around and ramp up model 3 production fast enough to report a surplus in the third quarter of 2018. The company also remained in the variety in the next quarter, though It is not completely out of the woods, as it also announced job cuts of 7 percent to make its cars more competitive.

The rankings are good news for the global EV market as a whole, although they may care about Europe's major automakers who have ambitious plans to take on Tesla with extensive new EV setups. Total EV sales last year led the share of plug-in cars to 2.1 percent, which, although not a very impressive figure alone, is much more than EV & # 39; for just two years since.

This year, Tesla is planning to add another model to his lineup, Tesla Semi, which the head of Daimler's trucking company infamously labeled as opposed to the laws of physics. However, the truck may already be in the test phase, according to an January Electrek report referring to a logistics company that Tesla had contacted with a proposal to try to run Semi, which was launched last year.

By Irina Slav for Oilprice.com

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