Saturday , October 23 2021

The African Farmers Group believes that the country reform will build "inclusive economy"


Rustenburg – Africa's Farmers' Association of South Africa (Afasa) on Friday welcomed the adoption of a report by the Joint Constitutional Review Committee on Thursday to amend the Constitution to allow markexpropriation without compensation for public interest.

Afasa chairman Neo Masithela said that the committee's decision reflected the majority of South Africans' perception that there was a need for urgent and accelerated reform of the country to address the injustice of Pastas.

"The organization believes that this process would help speed up the reform process, build a more inclusive and prosperous economy, and improve both agricultural production and food security for all South Africans," said Masithela.

"The farmers could express themselves and their reality even within the limited time and the majority have agreed that the constitution as it stands is not clear and can prevent the expropriation of land without compensation."

He said that the federal association of farmers was standing in support of expropriation of land without compensation and claimed that it should be within the limits of the law.

On Thursday, MEPs voted to amend the Constitution to allow expropriation of land without compensation.

This was the task of the Constitutional Review Committee to review the necessity to amend the Constitution to allow market exemption without compensation.

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