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Transformers Bumblebee Bee Vision AR Mask Review

For a while, I was lucky enough to review Iron Man Hero Vision AR Mask from Hasbro. It was a fun experience as I fought Thanos forces in my own living room. Quick flush a few months later and with the release of standalone Bumblebee Hasbro has released another magnified reality mask, this time based on this yellow robot named Humma Bee Vision AR Mask.

Humlebi Bee Vision

What is this newborn toy from Hasbro? Bumblebee Bee Vision AR Mask is basically the fun you can have without running around your home in a cardboard suit and shouting "take decepticons". Let's face it, we have all challenged imaginary Decepticons who shoot a barrier of imaginary missiles on them with an imaginary Optimus Prime on our sides. With the future of us, Hasbro has made you feel even more like your favorite Transformator (we all know its humlebee) thanks to a plastic mask, some technical magic and your mobile device.

Bumblebee Bee Vision mask consists of four main parts that all work together in harmony to make you feel like you're Bumblebee.

First of all, there is the real mask that, unlike the Iron Man Hero Vision Mask, has a lot of small details and ornaments on it, including two small adjustable plastic antennas. I'm not wrong, the Iron Man mask looks on the page but I appreciate the fact that Hasbro went the extra mile to make the bum mask look as much as the character we know and love as possible. The fact that you can carry the mask without the mobile house and still imagine fighting Optimus Prime in your living room is an added bonus, heck, it would even make a good cosplaying mask with some minor changes.

Of course, it's not just about looking at the part but actually also being comfortable. Fortunately, the mesh is made of a lightweight (but still sturdy and durable) plastic and has a fully adjustable strap on the back, which goes far to ensure the experience is both fun and as comfortable as possible. During my time checking the mask I asked my children and some of our friends to try the mask and everyone commented on how cozy the felt. Of course, this means that mom and dad can get into some of the actions when the children do not suck the toy, which they will undoubtedly do.

Humlebi Bee Vision

Next up is the actual house where your mobile device will slide in. A very important thing to know is that even if the standard size of mobile devices fits into the house, it does not make it bigger, for example. iPhone Plus models. So just be aware that you have the right mobile device when you consider buying Humlebee Bee Vision AR Mask.

Once your mobile device has slid into the house, it snaps into the mask. The extra padding makes your time to destroy Decepticons as comfortable as possible. You can also adjust the lenses inside the house, make sure everything is fine and clear and, more importantly, in focus.

When you look at your hand via your mobile device, it will actually appear as Bumblebee's arm cannon.

Then there is the little plastic glove that you will have on your hand while playing. Again, the handbag fits most children and grown hands. When you look at your hand via your mobile device, it will actually appear as Bumblebee's arm cannon. It's another nice feature that makes you feel like you're actually the lovely gun.

How will I blow Decepticons into pieces you might ask? By focusing your view on the different enemies, you will automatically lock them and lift your hand to the point that you will fire your weapons. Of course, you will also take quite a bit of damage as decepticons pack some heat. Fortunately, you can defend and repair yourself by holding your palm up to your mask.

Finally, there are AR (Augmented Reality) markers. These round markers are used to define your game area (even if you can play without them). Under each level, these markers will represent the points you have to protect against the opposing waves of enemies. What's good with these markers is that you can place them as close or as far apart as you want, which means you can play in large or smaller areas.

As for the actual game, it's basically possible to download the Bee Vision app on your mobile device and then follow the instructions. Kudos to Hasbro to make it as fast and easy as possible to play. The app will also allow you to upgrade your armor and weapon to help you in your fight against Decepticons. During gameplay you will face enemies on 10 levels until you finally face face with Megatron.

Humlebi Bee Vision

I have to say that while the AR game clearly resembles the Iron Man Hero Vision AR game, it's still as fun. You really feel like Bumblebee while playing with the Bumblebee Bee Vision AR Mask.

I'm glad to see Hasbro sticking to his weapons and focusing on Augmented Reality …

I'm glad to see Hasbro sticking to its weapons and focusing on Augmented Reality as one of their optional technologies. The fact that children (and clumsy adults) are still aware of their environment when they use the mask and do not encounter objects or do not hear mom or dad when they call them for dinner, make it a safe way for children and adults to experience that be a transformer.

overall, Hasbros Bumblebee Bee Vision AR Mask is a great addition to Hasbro's range of AR toys. With the festive season just around the corner, this can be the perfect toy for the special little (and large) transformer fan in your life.


Humma Bee Vision AR Mask


  • You feel you're actually bumblebee
  • The mask is comfortable
  • Can be used as a normal Bump mask when you do not play the AR game
  • It's a bumblebee mask!


  • The AR game may sometimes seem a little simplistic
  • The mask is not compatible with all sizes of mobile devices

Review Breakdown

  • Packaging
  • sustainability
  • painting
  • Detail
  • features
  • Funny factor

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