Monday , November 30 2020

Zim Prophet Walter Magaya convicted of HIV and AIDS treatment

self-employed prophet, Walter Magaya, has allegedly invoked on behalf of
Aretha Medical, of whom he is CEO, after claiming he created
an herbal medicine for HIV and AIDS.

According to the state-owned Herald newspaper,
Magaya was guilty of violating the Medicines Control Act by selling one
unauthorized substance.

The self-styled prophet was
arrested last year, and the police seized a herbal medicine that he said could
Cure people who had HIV and AIDS.

According to the BBC,
A $ 700 was charged on Tuesday.

Magaya is a group of young people,
brash and flashy religious figures that emerged during Zimbabwe's economic
crisis that attracts a large number of followers with promises of miracle healing
and miracle money.

A NewsDay report cited the charismatic
Prophet tells congregants during a Sunday service that it took him two years
to find the organic cure and added that he did the research with his Indian

"I have asked for it,
And I have concentrated on it, but I want to assure you that the world must
deny it, but they will eventually agree because you cannot fight with facts
and win. Facts are facts … I have seen the Lord's hand healing his
people, "said magaya.

Zimbabwe has more than 1.4
Millions of people living with HIV and AIDS and 1.2 million are in continuation of life
anti-retroviral drugs, the report said.

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