Tuesday , November 24 2020

A baby will leave her house for the new year after being a year isolated from a disease

Myla Mae Hatcher will have another and encouraging end of the year. That is it After being unlocked for a year due to a strange illness, you can go out to celebrate the arrival of 2019. Before Christmas 2017, she was diagnosed with severe aplastic anemia so she had to stay inside her house.

This condition, rare and serious, occurs when The body stops producing the necessary amount of new blood cells, according to Mayo Clinic. It occurs in one in every million people and causes not only fatigue but also increases the risk of infection and uncontrolled bleeding. To cure it, it is necessary to perform a bone marrow transplant that is 100% compatible as they informed their parents.

In March this year the donor appeared, an anonymous 21-year-old man and the operation. From that moment on, her recovery was excellent until the time she started dancing, singing and enjoying life with her friends.

"Last year was all he wanted to go to parties and see his friends. This year you can finally do that," said the mother of foreign media. "We had a very difficult year. She didn't have an immune system, so we decided it was better to have her at home and away from infections. The risk was so high that we only left the hospital, "the woman said.

"Finally, he was able to go out again and enjoy the parties. We were a normal family again"Said the Mule Mother To receive 2019, this English family will go for bowling and a party. The child still needs to be checked, but can resume activities in their own 5 years.

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