Monday , January 25 2021

A change does not allow more users to see Netflix from the mobile phone

Thousands of criticisms occurred to many users because Netflix He met his threat and no longer allowed subscriptions through his application to the iOS (iPhone) operating system. The reason is to avoid 30% that Apple establishes.

"We no longer support iTunes as a payment method for new members," said a Netflix spokesman Venture Beat website. The first test of this implementation was carried out in slightly more than 20 countries. This change will be final and affect all users globally, citing El Tiempo de San Juan.

In other words, those who want to view content from Netflix and must subscribe for the first time must enter their subscription via a web browser. The change also applies to those who need to renew their membership after a period of inactivity.

Netflix is ​​the streaming platform that has grown the most in the last few years, and it led to the emergence of competitions everywhere: from Disney to Fox or HBO, to producing and displaying their own and foreign content online.

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