Friday , January 15 2021

"A collection of actresses who set a show with the tragedy of Thelma Fardn" Eduardo Feinmann enojadsimo!

The man is a slave to his words and lord over his silence. This phrase, as we all have heard a little time, is part of popular culture and controls a very strong idea: it is always better to think before we speak for not making mistakes that can be paid expensive, something that many people learned in the worst way, that is, after saying what they should not say.

Perhaps the most classic example is that of the friend who inadvertently in a meeting tells the end of a movie and destroys the surprise of those who did not see it. When the Sixth Sense is released, the great final master blow, the revelation that made sense to the whole story, must not be revealed, so those who went to see the movie would not see the great moment destroyed. But as often was the case, there was no shortage of those who, with much evil, told what happened between Bruce Willis and the child.

Of course, there are more important questions than a movie, including politics, a topic that is so sensitive that many people (using the ref.) Mentioned in the first paragraph prefer not to talk about it to avoid matches, confrontations or simply discussions, that only brings does not like, especially in a time like the present, where the division between macristas and anti-macristas is very significant.

Obviously, there are exceptions men who are not afraid to say what they think and in that category we can place Eduardo Feinmann, who from the beginning of his career says exactly what he thinks creates great anger in society's most progressive society, he does not share his ideas at all and usually defines him as a man to the right, harder and less permeable to changes.

Star journalist A24 does not seem to be worried about what they think of him and has just demonstrated it again with an editorial where he is very critical of the actresses who followed Thelma Fardn to condemn Juan Darths: This woman, Thelma, was raped. She told how Juan Darths raped her in a hotel in Nicaragua. If we do not lower the price to something that is very serious, it is the fracture. It is also very sad because Boudou is about to go free. Judged for five years, and the guy goes home with a bracelet. You can walk 100 miles around. If you want, you can rent a house in a country. What benefits have some corrupt in Argentina. Back to Thelma, I think yesterday we were very clear: I accompany the claim to any woman who has been violated; I do not follow the collective actors, I only follow women's demands. I would have liked them to accompany a woman who had to tell her story yesterday. And the truth is that we met a group of abortionist actresses who mounted a show of the tragedy of a young woman who had an end to the scene while others resumed and sang the anthem abuser. I do not like the use of a tragedy to bring water to your political mill. They mix everything. Many of them were in parliament supported by deputies and deputies who benefited from abortion.

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