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A nude body in a hotel hotel, drugs and loneliness: Whitney Houston's horrible last days

When she opened the door, she was afraid of the silence of the room. He tried to deceive, tried in the short second to believe that the singer was sleeping a late nap.

As soon as he felt that the water burned his ankles and calves as he entered the living room of the luxurious hotel room, he knew everything was finally over. He didn't feel hurt, nor was he despairing. A bitter departure ran through his body, a dull pain.

As he walked into the bathroom, the water, which already reached ten centimeters above the carpet, came to believe he lived one déjà vu. Just that this had not happened before, not least with these irreversible consequences. But every night when the star was no longer in her care, the assistant imagined that her next business day would be as one was.

When she opened the bathroom door, a small wave of boiling water jumped to the edge of her thighs.

In the overcrowded Jacuzzi, face down, the naked body floated by the singer. lifeless.

The assistant called without despair without raising her voice, with only a few choked tears to the hotel reception. He warned that it was an emergency. He hesitated to ask the police or an ambulance to come. "Come fast, please"he asked. "I think Whitney Houston is dead."

The sunset on February 12, 2012 at the Beverly Hotel, when paramedics and police went up to the room on the fourth floor where the star's song stayed, found traces of each square meter of the apartment, making the unnecessary wait for the autopsy and toxicology report to find out of what were the causes of the death of the 48-year-old woman.

A plate with a fabric in white powder, marijuana, a spoon burned with leftovers that seemed to have been methamphetamine. two dozen bottles of legal drugs (analgesics, muscle relaxants, Xanax and others).

Whitney Houston died before her fifties. But her artistic career had for twenty years not known the success that had accompanied her in her early years. Its fall, predictably, publicly and often morbidly accompanied by the press and the public, had been two painful decades.

The appearance of the singer was brilliant. Her first album reached number one in the rankings and was the first female singer seven consecutive number one singles on the billboard chart: Saves all my love for you. How do I know?. Greatest love for all. I have to dance with someone. We almost didn't have it all. So emotional. Where are broken hearts. An impeccable and fantastic seguidilla. But where did this phenomenon come from that seemed to take over the pop world for decades (in pop and pop pop in the 1980s)?

His mother was Cissy Houston, gospel songs, an exquisite technique with experience in the soul world had made choir for Aretha Franklin. Gladys Knight and other divas of black music. Your cousin was Dionne Warwick. And her god-children were none other than Aretha Franklin and DArlene Love

In one of the first TV interviews, the show host, after noting all these family relationships, asked Whitney: "And your grandfather, who is he? Duke Ellington?"

But Whitney was much more than this perfect relationship. She had sung in her church since she was a child, had accompanied her mother in many of her presentations and had even replaced her at some point. Cissy Houston wanted the daughter to finish school before embarking on an artistic career. After leaving school, Whiney began to perform shows in small nightclubs. The voice ran very fast and the scouts began to follow her night after the evening.

The mother's experience in the show's world did not fall. Cissy, demanding, wanted for her daughter the whole success that she couldn't live (the success of that world is lived, it's inscribed in the body).

The various companies improved their offers daily until they chose Arista. Clive Davis, owner and CEO of the record company, had a golden background for discovering talent. In his record they were spoken Janis Joplin. Santana. Bruce Springsteen and Aerosmith among other. Davis knew he had to hire the 20-year-old girl who one night heard her sing for 30 people who didn't pay much attention to him in a Los Angeles nightclub.

That night, Whitney sang Greatest love for all (which he would then record on his first LP), a theme there George Benson had composed 10 years earlier for a biopic the Muhammad Ali (thus the "greatest" appellation that always followed the boxer). The song in its original version seemed like a good ballad Stevie Wonder – as it is known, constitutes a great compliment. But, apart from a brief passage through the black charts, had not had much influence. Whitney regained the song and took it to unimaginable heights. Her voice to the front, the 20-year passion and the ancestral wisdom that seemed to accompany her on stage and occupy her vocal cords. That same evening, Whitney Houston became an artist of Arista Records.

His rivals these years were heavyweight. Madonna, Prince, Michael Jackson. But this girl with her first two albums ran over the records. His voice was wonderful, a perfect natural instrument. But it was much more than that. He seemed to know everything. Cissy's training had been effective. He had the stage presence, sympathy, danced. To his gift (on) naturally added a refined technique. It wasn't a wild talent. I could come to any note and keep it as long as needed. It was the crossover that the market and the public expected. There was the feeling of soul, the strength of the R&B, the desire and the joy of pop.

As soon as the specialists appeared, they put her in the big leagues with the incomparable artists. Sinatra, Aretha Franklin, Ella Fitzgerald. Whitney Houston, with his magnetic voice, played in the league, the Justice League.

Everything he sang became gold. Before he played a Super Bowl Star Spangled Bannerthe American anthem. It was a shocking achievement. His version reached the top 20. The third album, I'm your baby tonight, had a more moderate success.

The pole was too high and she didn't settle. I had tried a little change of style. He wanted to go back to his roots, make black music and eliminate some components of pop production. The songs were somewhat weaker than their previous repertoire.

The next year everything will change. For the first time, he woke up in the cinema. bodyguard It would be a global success It, although it looks like a lie, far exceeded what he had achieved with his first two albums.

The movie is not a big deal. A conventional story with two strong figures like Whitney and Kevin Costner. The story of interracial love in the mainstream, the last kiss (ALERT SPOILER!) With the last-minute plan lineage has their influence. But the breaking point is the film's main song. An old country theme of Dolly Parton Costner suggested learning the original theme, What happens to the broken heart, a cover of a great ballad Soulera sung by Jimmy Ruffin was chosen as the film's main theme Fried green tomatoes.

The best musical production decision from the first nineties is also attributed to the actor: the absence of production, machinery and accompaniment. The soundtrack producer David FosterHe thought it was a terrible idea and a commercial suicide. "Which radio would a song where the first 45 seconds is a cappella?" Argued with some logic. But Costner and Houston insisted. He had hardly had to sing once for Foster and everyone in the studio to assume that the only possible version of the subject was that. The perfect voice, nude in front, with all the technical expertise that enhances it.

The song and album broke sales cards. It was a huge global success. It was Whitney's last big hit. From there, it will only fall in a constant and painful way for the next 20 years. His voice would fade away, his public figure blurring, his talent weakening, his health breaking, his private life falling apart and His dependence on drugs increases sideways.

The 1989 Soul Train Awards (the most important of black music at that time) was a turning point in his life. On the one hand, when it was mentioned in a category, it was booed by the public who found it had been sold and that it had forgotten its roots: "Whitey "(blanquita) Houston was called.

On the other hand That evening she met her husband, singer Bobby Brown. Former member of the New Edition, Brown had great success as a soloist at that time with his song My prerogative. Bad boy, provocateur, something bad. From that night they would not separate for years. The relationship was fierce and both ended up being lost in drugs and in the permanent battles. The artistic career of the two did not come back to know the ornament.

Many owe Whitney's fall to Bobby Brown. Others owe their mother and the deaf competition between them. They also appear on the list of alleged causes: Clive Davis of Arista, the poor companies, a father with the soul of a gigolo, a sexual abuse suffered in his cousin's hands Dee Dee Warwick or proximity Robyn Crawford.

Causes, guilt and reasons arise. The truth is that Whitney's 20-year surplus, fool, standard and flirting accident.

Robyn Crawford was a childhood friend of Whitney, who became his partner and the most important character of his environment during tours. The sensational newspapers, at the end of the 80s, began to talk about a lesbian relationship between the singer and her friend. Everything seems to show that it was true. They close to Whitney, his brothers and even Bobby Brown refuse to talk about Robyn and confirm the relationship.

They accuse her generically and offend her (it is clearly seen in Whitney, the good biographical documentary that Netflix has brought to its platform these days). Brown came to declare that while he was in love, Whitney used it to launder his image before the press. According to him, the diva needed a man and a daughter, so that the rumors would disappear. In the trips where Robyn and Bobby lived, the fighting between them was epic. The truth is that while Robyn was in Whitney's environment, his career was handled professionally and his personal life had not signaled the subsequent chaos.

The deadly descent was freed with his departure. Robyn Crawford was also the only supporting actress in Whitney's history who had a dignified attitude these years. Married Lisa Hintelmann He did not make statements about Whitney, he did not hold anyone responsible and refused to participate in the biographical documentaries about the singer. His silence seems to honor Whitney's memory.

Then they came 20 years of pain, surplus and descent. His name was used in the headline of the yellow press. The battles with Bobby Brown, the arrests and adulteries on it, the erratic shows, the suspended features, the mediocre discs, the doubting television interviews, the voice losing brightness and going out.

In the midst of this shift of infidelity, family violence, insanity and drugs Bobbi Kristina, the daughter of marriage grew. She also had a tragic end and because of her age, much more horrible. It was as if the young woman was a mountaineer who was tied to another who, over her, stepped the climb up the steep slope; If the front falls, it is inevitable that shortly afterwards, those who are under him pull. It seems to have been Bobbi Kristina's fate as At the age of 22, she became unconscious in the bath of her house with an overdose of drugs. Like his mother. He died in 2015 after six months in coma.

Whitney's erratic behavior in his last many years had millions of witnesses. He had to stop appearances at the Oscars, introduce into the Rock Hall of Fame by Clive Davis and cancel dozens of concerts. Some tabloid drawn on top of a chilling image of the star's bathroom: demolished with traces of fabrics in different dishes, dirt and neglect in every corner.

During recording of the soundtrack off Waiting to breathe out It may be hospital emergency due to an overdose. Several rehabilitation treatments failed. He boasted the journalist Dianne Sawyer that she didn't do drugs with crack because it was "bad thing".

The machine tried to continue working. He organized tours that he couldn't comply with. Views where his condition was regrettable and his voice seemed to have gone forever, a sad and upbeat croak, listless and out of tune. As if it were a sad parody of what had become.

Whitney Houston's death did not surprise anyone. It was an event that everyone seemed to wait for. The same evening, as it was found in the same hotel, celebrated the sumptuous annual celebration that Clive Davis, his mentor and explorer organizes in the evening before delivering the Grammy Awards.

While forensic medicine analyzed the scene where Whitney's body was found while his remains were transported to the morning industry, industry, his colleagues, enemies, singers and producers, musicians and poets, four floors below, in the main hall of the Beverly Hotel, train, they sang and they danced all night. The foreseeable death of the last generation's greatest vocal talent did not change his plans. The show should continue.

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