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A supporter of PJ suggested Cristina to meet Vidal in the province – 03/01/2019

The possibility that María Eugenia Vidal split Buenos Aires national elections still does not leave the hypothesis. However, it generates movements. A prominent mayor of Buenos Aires PJ suggested that Cristina Kirchner that if that happens, she should be a candidate for governor to "win the insurance" province and then compete for the presidency.

The proposal was made within the framework of a meeting with other current community leaders. Senator – who even confirmed to someone if she wants to be a candidate – He listened without comment, according to La Politica On Line. The premise is that if Vidal promotes the Buenos Aires election in June, Cristina may, for example, Appear as governor and later to compete for the president. This idea is based on the fact that the former president, with the exception of the inner districts, is well off and accompanied by the joint election with the mayors, Peronism could extract the province.

However there is no uniform consensus in front of this idea, for another group of community leaders K sounds like "sought"." It is commented but concrete there is nothing. This is the moment when every opportunity begins to sound, "Clarín assured a population of Conurbano.

The waters are also divided between those who believe that the issue of unfolding will not progress within Change, and those who wonder that Vidal will end up passing it on.

The split began to be formally discussed Thursday, the legislature's bicameral in Mar del Plata, although the final decision will leave Casa Rosada. Although the issue arose from a request by Sergio Massa – to promote the municipal election autonomy project – within the framework of the budget negotiations for 2019, the idea of ​​separating all provincial positions was a foothold in a sector of change that sees it as a strategy to avoid the negative trait that President Mauricio Macri can generate in the province.

Both peronism and kirchnerism were opposed. "As it adjusts the Argentine's pocket, we change 3200 million weights into manipulating the election calendar," said Buenosair PJ's lead Fernando Fernando. The block of Buenos Aires lawmakers from UC manifested itself in the same line: "Vidal is thinking of the election while declaring the elaboration of the adjustment and tarizados".

In Peronism, the question created uncertainty because, if the division takes place, the intentions would not have the traits they expect from Cristina Kirchner, that exceeds 40 points with the intention of voting in some districts of Conurbano.

So far, even though he sent three candidates for testing, Cristina's favorite candidate is Axel Kicillof. His former Minister of Economy, who started going to the province months ago. But the mayors do not agree with his candidacy; They want a local candidate with territorial weight who comes out of an intention.

Mayor of Lomas de Zamora Martín Insaurralde and his couple from La Matanza, Veronica Magario (The other two asked to evaluate the former president), registered to the race for the governor, and deputy Fernando Espinoza, who refuses to give up the idea.

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