Monday , January 18 2021

"Aladdin" | First photos of Will Smith as the blue genius in new trailer PHOTOS AND VIDEOS

We are preparing to fly on a magical carpet for Agrabah. During the ceremony of Grammy 2019. Disney launched a new trailer "Aladino", the live-action version that showed Will Smith in the form of blue genius for the first time.

Its characterization takes some changes compared to the animated version of 1992. In this option, it takes tattoos in the arms beyond a necklace.

After the release of the first pictures of "Aladino"The fans wondered why Will Smith It didn't turn blue. The same actor explained in his account Instagram, that he should look blue but the other pictures were his disguise as a human. "My character becomes CGI most of the movie"he said.

Beyond the look of Smith Like Genius, the trailer has the rogue Aladdin (Mena Massoud), the villain Jafar (Marwen Kenzari), the Princess Jasmine (Naomi Scott) and the lavish town of Agrabah.

"Aladino"Is the exciting live-action adaptation of the animated classic Disney of 1992. It presents the exciting story of the young streetlady Aladdin, the brave and determined princess Jasmine and Genius, who can be the key to his future. The film will premiere on May 24 this year.


Other titles that Disney converts to live action are "Dumbo"And"The Lion King"The first one will show the little elephant with big ears under the direction of Tim Burton. He adapts the classic animation in his version with actors of flesh and blood. Colin Farrell. Michael Keaton, Eva Green and Danny DeVito they are in the movie

In the second case, it is successful Beyoncé will make Nala's voice; while Donald Glover It'll be Prince Simba. Disney will release the movie 25 years after the premiere of the animated film. It seems that Jon Favreau will keep the original story.

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