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Aldosivi was in the last, he got the urge and dreams to go on a trip "Diario La Capital de Mar del Plata

by Víctor Molinero

When it seemed that he ran out of strength. When the clear ideas from the first time were blurred, Aldosivi found in a bombing of Javier Iritier in pain in the game goal as he had deserved, and he ended up giving the victory 1-0 to San Martin de San Juan in a match played in the José María Minella stadium at the eighteenth date of the Super League.

An adjusted, but well-deserved result, which allows you to get closer to the primary goal of ensuring permanence and, by yapa, came back to the South American Cup qualifying zone.

The first half was practically a monologue from the team of Gustavo Alvarez, who had absolute control over the ball and almost always played in a rival field. For it turned out, without showing these intentions of the entrance, that it was an involuntary hand of the rival that as soon as the 10s were left with a man less at the early expulsion of Pucheta.


It was then, after a long delivery by Leonel Galeano, Pucheta was sure, and let the ball bite, Cristian Chavez "ran over" him, stole the ball and ran to the goal, forcing the center back to tear it to the height of crescent. Expulsion for the visitor defender and free kick at the door of the area, which Aldosivi did not know how to exploit.

In any case, the terms of the match were different. Because San Martin did not have more 4-4-2 planned and mutated to a 4-4-1 with the recording of Erpen by Castillejos.

Aldosivi, who then had many people in the defense (there were four to Palacios Alvarenga), began to release Yeri more often and gave more freedom to the two inmates (Colman and Gino). With patience, Aldosivi began to endanger and had at least four more clear chances to open the account.

They had Gino, who within the demarcated area only rejected the Ardente (16 & # 39;); Chavez who missed a pigeon in the small area after a good cross from the Ozuna (24 & 39;); Galeano, who in full offensive position regained a ball in the rival area's door, faced Ardente and instead of defining preferably an inaccurate passport for Chávez (39 & 39;) and Cupid, who only lost it, by the head after a center launched by Villalba from the left (44 & # 39;).


For the complement, in order to seek more lucidity in three quarters of the court, Alvarez sent debut Alan Ruiz to court instead of Ozuna and threw Colman to the left.

The development was not changed. Aldosivi dominated in front of a San Martin, which depended too much on the lonely, and it could be added behind the dangerous Brandán.

At the visit, the Pocrnjic arch was far away, but the protocol went and at least he kept zero in his bow. And the local, to the compass of time, began to dominate the nerves. Therefore, I was not so patient anymore and more inaccurate when I entered three rooms.

Anyway, with more or less ideas, it was always Aldosivi that was closest to breaking the zero in Minella's afternoon.

At 25 var was close, in a good collective maneuver generated to the right. Several were associated with a strike inside the area, and the ball ended up leaving Gino at the peak of the penalty kick, but his definition after rubbing at the foot of the Erpen hit the bottom of the post and went to the corner.

In the last quarter of an hour, Alvarez sent Javier Iritier to court to open the court and took love out. Aldosivi was then pure impotence. To the point, it seemed impossible to put a man of his own against bow, as he had done several times in the first half.

Up to 48 & 39; when they played 3 out of 4 & # 39; added and the place went to the cargo as he could, Iritier put a sensational volley inside the area and with the right one that was nailed far from Ardent's reach and certainly the noisy celebration of all those present.

It was Aldosivi who had always dominated, but with merits that went from highest to lowest, at the last minute was a deserved and celebrated triumph. The first of the year. To be closer and closer to ensuring the duration of Superloga. And to get back in the South American Cup qualifying zone as a yapa.

The synthesis

Aldosivi 1
Pokrnjic (5); Yeri (6), Amor (6), Leonel Galeano (7) and Lucas Villalba (6); Gino (8), Miloc (6) and Colman (6); Pisano (6), Cristian Chávez (5) and Ozuna (5). DT: Gustavo Álvarez.

San Martin (SJ) 0
Ardent (6); Prosper (5), Mattia (5), Pucheta (-) and Ian Escobar (5); Fernando Brandán (6), Mauro Bogado (5), Fissore (5) and Mosca (5); Castillejos (-) and Palacios Alvarenga (5). DT: Rubén Forestello.

Goal: in the second half, 48 & # 39; Irities.
Changes: in the first half, 13 & # 39; Facundo Erpen (5) by Castillejos; In the second half, initially, Alan Ruiz (5) to Ozuna, 24 & # 39; Gustavo Villarruel for Brandán, 28 & # 39; Javier Iritier for Love and Nicolás Pelaitay for Bogado.

whim: in the first half, 10 powders were ejected.

stadium: José María Minella (god).

judging: Néstor Pitana (6).

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