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Alfredo Casero: "Left acting as Nazis"

Radio Miter shows

February 7, 2019

The actor was interviewed by Marcelo Bonelli in "A dos voces" and referred to the national policy.

Alfredo Casero:

Alfredo Casero he was a guest in the program he sends TN and did not hesitate to talk about national news. "We always live in crisis and we are part of an eternal crisis", the artist expressed.

"A substitute cannot be a person who can have their own beliefs or parties. They must have convictions about us that we are the people who voted. It must be consistent with the people who voted for it with the political party "said the former "Cha cha cha".

In addition, it is humorous it tested the studies of the will to vote, to secure Cristina Kirchner It has 30% support if it were to present again to compete in the presidential election.

Alfredo Casero shot Enrique Pinti to criticize the country's situation

At the former government, the actor said: "The promises that come out are back, but they act like Nazis. And Kirchnerists are Nazis. If you are a Kirchner, you must act like this. It is a loss of freedom and that is something I will fight for my whole life ".

"No one asked me what happened to me in the 70s or 80s. It is understood" you quit, you can't talk, "said" 678. I no longer forget. These people believe that you do not have the right to speak. They have a great power behind operators. I do not work for anyone, I say the people who think like me", pointed to the Kirchner program that sent Public TV.

finally, Alfred home He concluded by addressing viewers: "I voted for the Republic, which is the only one we need. Please do not be stupid to vote openly because you are voting for one. Look at who you are voting for. For later you will not rule because the people do not rule".

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