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Alfredo Casero, the corner: "They make my life impossible"

Alfredo Casero defended the government: "I have never seen so many achievements" Credit: Screen shot

The actor

Alfredo Casero

he describes himself as a fighter "against the lack of freedom" and in that sense he questioned the left and the churchism, which, according to him, "acts as Nazis" and does not accept people who think differently. "If you don't believe how they tear you apart in different ways, disguised as different things," he condemned.

In dialogue with A two votes in TN, he said: "I started from very young sales on trains, I maze a lot, I did many things, and people think you were an artist all his life, but I was a worker" . And then he said, "I can say that I deserve a better country, and I won't stay with my arms crossed, and at the moment I had to bitch, they made my life impossible, and now they also make me impossible."

The actor returned to aim at the program
678th "No one asked me what I had to go through in the 70s and 80s, how I and my family lived, it's already understood," Shut up, you can't talk ", was what he told me
678th These people still believe that you have no right to speak. "According to Casero," a chicane berreta formed "where the Argentines live" absorbs and eats political operations. "And he fired," There are guys who think and don't even know tables, and they're protected journalists ".

"No one pays me to say what I think," he explained, saying he was stuck with his thought: "Whenever they touch me, they show that I am not afraid." However, he does not regard himself as a macrismo lawyer, although he stresses in relation to Kirchnerism that he defends the fact that "they have come to take such thieves and people who were bad in their heads and sold a reality that did not was".

As he recalled his cross with kirchnerism began when he spoke "of the first great disappeared, which had the former government which was Maria Cash." And he continued: "[Axel] Kicillof said we could not save in dollars because it is a betrayal of the country and I think they took the yarn in euros. Hypocrisy of my already tired and fed me to hold back from the peronists. "

In addition, he said he deserves the votes showing that Cristina Kirchner intends to vote for 30%. "I can't believe how a person with so many evidence against can be a candidate for president," he said, saying, "The wrong opinion kills people."

"I get angry with the government because they are cold breasts"

Casero said the government "has everything against", and although he stressed that he never saw so many results, he questioned: "Many times
I get angry with the government because they are cold chests. "For him, the ruling party's fault is not to convey what they do." To put everything in court is to explain to the common person. "

He reiterated the fight against drug trafficking and public works and again criticized the opposition: "You are in front of a machine to prevent which legislative and judicial system is entirely associated with the former government you want to fight against uncertainty and drive the jets." In addition, he questioned social leader Juan Grabois, who "keeps people back and does not let her work".

"When were we not with the water around our neck?"

Casero also referred to the words from

Enrique Pinti

who had complained about his hard economic moment and said: "
The water reaches my neck. "And he replied:" When were we not with the water around our neck? Everyone has to do what they can to get out. All life … we live in crisis, we live in an eternal crisis. "

In any case, he acknowledged that he "understands" and "shares" Pinti's meaning, which he describes as "an icon". "The first thing that short people are going to the theater," he said, confessing, "If a hundred people go to the theater, I'll be happy."

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