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Alperovich violates Pichetto and goes with Cristina

In a preview of what could be a major crime in peronism in the Senate, Joshua Alperovich told Tucumano that he left the bench led by Miguel Pichetto and to build an interblock with Cristina Kirchner, with which she wipes an alliance against 2019 elections.

The former governor accelerated in recent days the break with Juan Manzur, which he announced that faces

next year competing outside PJ, in a move that risks the hegemony of Peronism in Tucumn. Therefore, it seeks support from the former president, which maintains good adhesion levels in the province.

In this regard, Alperovich continues on Monday to leave the Pichetto district and join FPV. "The federal block does not represent me, we will put together an interblock with Cristina Kirchner in the Senate," explained in the AM 530. The violation will be reflected in the budget, as Tucumano rejects. "In a few days we will take that step," he added.

Alperovich also asked to join Cristina to the Peronist Unit in 2019 and said that he was talking about Sergio Massa, and even said that Tigrani gave him the opportunity. "With Sergio Massa we already spoke personally and we said that the Cristinians who participate in the unit, we must contain it, are the ones who have the most votes", in.

It is discounted that together with the former governor his fellow winner Beatriz Mirkin will leave the PJ block. The Senate already warns against voting against the budget and is faithful ally by Alperovich. As things, Cristina joined an interblock with 11 senators, while the Pichetto bench was 22.

Alperovich confirmed that he was a candidate outside PJ and must meet Manzur

But peronism crimes may be greater. As LPO continues, revealed last week's discussion between Miguel Pichetto and Jos Mayan's fracture and

Formos location to Gildo Insfrn, one of the few governors near Cristina – is another name that can be removed.

In a similar situation, Pampeanos is Norma Durango and Daniel Lovera, while Pichetto does not respond to Catamarquea Ins Blas, near governor Lucia Corpacci. Mario Pas from Chubut has for his part endured his speech against the government and knows he will not be promoted to the magistrate's council.

Fueguinos Jos Ojeda and Julio Cataln Magni were loyal to Río Negro until he asked them to activate the raid on Cristina and left their links. Its governor, Rosana Bertone, said in an interview with LPO Like many of his colleagues, he does not want two Peronist fronts who share the opposition. Only then can you consolidate your alliance with the province of La Cmpora and any congressional movement will briefly reveal the long years ahead.

The battle between Pichetto and Mayans left Peronism on the verge of breaking

Loyal to Pichetto are Cordobs Carlos Caserio, Saltado Rodolfo Urtubey, Catamarqueo Dalmacio More, Correntino Carlos Espnola, Chaqueo Eduardo Aguilar; and they are usually followed by entrerrianos Pedro Guastavino and Sigrid Kunath. Omar Perotti, Alfredo Luenzo and Guillermo Snopek would go to my summits, but they no longer pay more. And Sanjauninos Jos Uac and Cristina Valverde, as their boss, do not talk about Cristina but they do not support their raid and raise the discussion at the Peronist unit.

The immediate problem for Pichetto is that in these days, the seat of the magistrates council should be defined and peronism risks losing the two with the majority. Its interblock has fewer senators than Cambiemos but it aims to overcome it with signatures of allies such as Santiago and missionaries. With tucumano and other possible rebels, rionegrino may be due to negotiations with Cristina which will of course require a place.

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