Friday , December 4 2020

Amalia Granata's controversial message to single mothers

The journalist criticized the women who used the hashtag # YoCríoSola to beat Jimena Barón and crossed it into the network.

the outrageous tour between Jimena Barón and Daniel Osvaldo for the upbringing of his son Morrison It was a shocking social media campaign # YoCríoSola, run by feminist scientist Maria Florencia Freijo. With the hashtag, thousands of women related their experience of raising their children without their male parents who decided not to take responsibility for their paternity.

But apparently, Amalia Granatawho also had a complicated relationship with a football player – with his daughter Uma & # 39; s father Christian "The Ogre" Fabbiani He did not agree with what was expressed in social networks and on the Internet and fired lightly.

"They want to strengthen themselves and go out to pity" I traveled alone my son "Agree or empowerment or sacrifice!", wrote the panelist Pamela in the afternoon (America) on Twitter, which apparently has no empathy with the strong life stories known through the campaign.

Following this comment, Freijo crossed to tell her she was ignorant. "Many of the women who spoke to me yesterday were" heavenly hearts "telling me about the feminization of their homes and poverty in their neighborhoods. Your only goal is to silence the women, their suffering, make you angry, but only show your ignorance, which is much Amalia. I saw you crying on television, stating that Ogre Fabbiani didn't take care of your baby and asked for food. I would have jumped for you too, Amalia, I would have done that too, "wrote the hashtag creator and referred to the fact that raising children with abandoned parents It goes beyond supporting or not legalizing abortion.

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Baron questioned her and told her she also went through the same, but Granata redoubled the bet. "Teenagers in Tw would like to give me a chair and explain what it is to raise a single child !!!!!!!!!! Moooyyyyyy Fuerteeee for this Saturday, "he wrote on his account and added:" Jimenita, Claiming food quota is a right for my daughter, not a victimization of her mother I give up! I can't do with so many people gross and ignorant".

"Victims of this situation are not you Jimenita, the victims are the children raised with absent parents. And I do not regret you because you are beautiful on Twitter, but you have blocked me", Amalia convicted.

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