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An announcement, macabre find and the hypothesis of the lost substance: details of the crimes in Puerto Madryn

In the cause it is known as B.B. He is the 16-year-old minor who testified prosecutor Silvana Salazar as a star science to solve the crimes with the mafia seal of drug trafficking in the Chubut city of Puerto Madryn, but He went handcuffed and ended up imputed with five other adults – Under them a former policeman's son – to "double-worsened murder" of young people, Héctor López (25) and Federico Lomeña (27).

Their organs, tortured, mutilated, stung, buried, covered with quick paste and sprayed with naphtha, were discovered thanks to the exact data from B.B. in paradise places: El Doradillo and Paraná BeachTwo stretches of sand and sea, which tourists and locals visit to make whale watching, and to swim in the sun and salt.

They were not the only security that was pronounced before they were broken and involved in the deviant murders, so that the hearing had to be suspended.

B.B trusted it behind the double murder and the alleged suicide of Nicolás Cerrudo (21) a third friend – For some investigators, there is still doubt that it was not another crime that they tried to pass as suicide There is the dark hand of a Mendocino drug trafficker – Where name and physical appearance are unknown – that in August, he met López and Lomeña to propose a phenomenal business that would lift them out of poverty and raise them to the category of new realms.

Chubut and Puerto Madryn in general, and not least Patagonia, would be filled with men and women from different parts of the country to spend the summer.

People who are generally well-off who would join the potential customers who were already resident on the site and who were served by other pointers of drugs working for Mendoza who would have come to Madryn in an impressive Mercedes -Benz X-Class 2018 pickup of those that are practically invisible.

As they told B.B. the other friends and acquaintances of the victims, who are also prisoners and prisoners like him (Nalib Zajur – son of a retired commissioner – Genaro Carrizo, Giulio de Cecco, Aaron Sepúlveda and Nicolás Alexander Valencia) the foreign narco assured them that the excellent quality cocaine hydrochloride that he would give them could be sold – as it already did on the streets of Chubut – between 1,200 and 1,500 pesos per day. grams "without stretching". A similar market value than in the city of Buenos Aires, Mar del Plata or San Isidro.

Stretched, cut, lowered, yield would be much higher. In these cases and always according to the percentage of "cut", the dose can be sold with an average of 800 pesos and then down according to the amount of sodium bicarbonate that "Mendoza" advises them to use. B. B. He told the prosecutor it The "businessman", as he argued, assured them that "well-worked" could achieve a "profit of 40,000 to 80,000 pesos per month"and just to start. If they knew how to stretch the fabric, the surplus could be much higher.

Until that time in history, Chubut's justice means B.B. Not only because they found the organs, but because the numbers that the less mixed, in principle, as a witness of reserved identity, emerged with the street "values" handled by the scientists.

But in the history of B.B. there is a point that so far is in doubt. The two lives would have been cut, according to Prosecutor Salazar, for "a debt between them in the form of drugs and loss of drugs". Before the press, the official said this was secured by Nicolás Cerrudo, a friend of López and Lomeña, "before she made the decision to take her own life".

The unhappy youth would also have witnessed – always as a witness – that "the group – which he himself was a part of – was involved – a very short time ago – for drug trafficking" and recalled that before he killed, he wrote – now you know for sure what is your letter? "This is done by playing with fire ".

B. B. Instead, he added an item that would make the account adjustment much more plausible, but at the moment there are no elements to support it. He stated that due to circumstances he did not know conflict between the group and narco mendocino It did not occur because of the lack of a handful of cocaine or a marijuana brick, however for the loss of "between 12 and 15 kilos" of cocaine hydrochloride with a purity of approx. 96%, which would have a value of more than one hundred million pesos.

There are detectives who believe that López and Lomeña accused and extorted the rest of the "associated group" – as the prosecutor calls them – to have disappeared the drug and accused them before "Mendoza" and that they were therefore massacred.

The hypothesis seems unlikely. Also, the "capitalist" of the first good will "download" drugs to such a high value when one believed that they would have started retailing cocaine recently.

From a distance, something doesn't close.

As can be seen from the case, These bricks of cocaine would have been hidden in sand and shrubs of El Doradillo. Until now, the drug was not found, although the relatives who do not believe in the provincial police are more, suspected of their possible involvement in murder and drug trafficking in the area. Subjects are not missing.

It was the family members themselves, and not the uniforms, who, on December 12 in the morning, during a raking carried out by López's relatives, found in the El Doradillo neighborhood, a few meters from the place where he was found. his car was abandoned and wrapped in a blanket, the clothes the young man wore when he was last seen, the bloody identity document and some other belongings, in addition to the two-ball cell phone.

On site there were also latex gloves and bottles of bleach. The police had made a raid in the same place that turned out to be "negative".

The way to disappear the bodies of the supposed leaders of the band young narco bands in Puerto Madryn is of extreme savageand reminiscent of mafioso stamps from Mexican drug trafficking more than Chubut.

López was found today with both hands amputated – they were not yet found – half buried and covered with lime and sprayed with naphtha, a few thousand meters from the place where the police had found his vehicle in El Doradillo Ecological Park on the outskirts of Puerto Madryn .

"As has been pointed out from the beginning of the study, this is a cause that has all the flavorings for drug trafficking," Prosecutor Salazar explained as soon as he found out.

As he knew Infobae, The body was in a state of advanced degradation and "eaten" by the lime that was scattered throughout the body.

Lopez was killed on the head and body with one or more dumb objects, such as. Stone or clubs.

One week before and one day after Lopez disappeared, Cerrudo was found dead in his house.

Although the prosecutor insists that he himself committed suicide after he was declared in his office, the young man, a friend of Lopez, showed signs of torture on his genitals compatible with "a mental illness".

Did they induce him to commit suicide? Did you push your family to what you declared? Did they simulate a suicide?

The questions for now have no answer.

Although for the prosecutor Salazar, and according to the contributions that testify to "reserved identity" to the file, everything would be much simpler.
Cerrudo, who was part of the "affiliation of the affiliated groups" and who participated in drug trafficking, would have organized double crime and ask for help to kill a transaction. "

This is according to the prosecution read in a message from WhatsApp, which he sent to his group of friends – already detained – and to whom he asked them to buy lime and naphtha.

A scene that in that case resembles the very good Netflix original series OsarkWhere he is murdered and made to disappear by burying him with lime is a Mexican narco.

The first to disappear was Lomeña. It happened on November 21. He was discovered by police after data from B.B. In Paraná Beach, at the other end of Puerto Madryn, one day after López appeared. His body had 20 years and was located on Paraná Beach the next day at the other geographical end of town.

His head was covered with bags, and he was also sprayed with naphtha and covered with glue before being buried in the sand.

"We have evidence, accounting evidence of how the drug was distributed, all reinforced with evidence of reserved identity that controls a mini-organization already investigated by the federal court order," shortly after the prosecutor Salazar, who requested about the incompetence of provincial justice and that it is done with federal justice.

Narco route to Patagonia

The case presents so many robust edges that with the small victories of discovering the corpses, Chubut, Federico Massoni, the minister and supporter of Puerto Madryn, Ricardo Sastre understood that it was appropriate to be photographed in the macabre area as they found the last disappeared.

With this truculent frame of reference, Massoni and the mayor asked for "more police presence", in this case federal forces in Puerto Madryn, which open the eyes of the country as a fierce and bleeding Rosario narco.
On the other hand, the governor of Chubut, Mariano Ezequiel Arcioni, decided to take his police out of the drug procedures they had done for the bad results and suspicions that fall on her because they have barely taken a few pounds of marijuana and never cocaine.
He also announced without further details the creation of an "anti-drug agency".

Days before, the Prime Minister had insured: "We have an overview of the abduction of marijuana, but there is no cocaine, so I removed the plan from the Madryn drug brigade because I couldn't see results, and since we didn't see results, we did something wrong because there are drugs everywhere.".

At this point, it is worth wondering whether the official reflection should not have arrived before the cruel deaths of a narco seal.

According to official data available to Infobae by the Ministry of Security for the Nation, by Patricia Bullrich, the federal forces of the province of Chubut so far in 2018, the "cocaine seizure has increased by 139% due to a 131% increase in the number of operations and a 135% increase in arrests against 2017".

Intelligence reports he agreed to Infobae they also reveal it against Chubut and Patagonia in general, drug dealers established new routes to poison the poisonnot just for consumption in their cities, but transporting it to Europe and Africa through ports, perhaps less controlled than Buenos Aires and Bahía Blanca.

"In Patagonia, the consumption of drugs grew and the average of the region exceeds the average of the country, a trend in the south of drug consumption, we see that it is higher per capita than the national average and we are concerned about the high level of drug use in the main cities, "recognized Eugenio Burzaco, national security secretary on 29 August. A fact that the provincial authorities seem to ignore.

According to the cards that reveal the new drug routes that he has agreed Infobae, the substance that arrives in Patagonia via Mendoza comes from Bolivia.
From this borderland it comes into the country disguised in trucks, for example. Cisterns through La Quiaca, Jujuy; and continue down San Antonio de los Cobres; touches the city of Catamarca in Bethlehem. Continue through Chilecito, in La Rioja; Touching the town of Jachá, in San Juan.

According to the work of the federal forces, Narcos would make a strategic stop in Mendoza.

From there, the drug is channeled, part to Chile, and the rest continues south of Argentina.

Zapala, El Bolsón, Esquel, Gobernador Gregores, El Calafate, Rio Turbio and Ríos Gallegos are some of the points marked in red, such as cities where drug traffickers would also have small distribution structures within the territory, or to start it and take it out of the country, for example through fishing boats, which will be replaced by others with higher blast in the high seas

As you can see behind the Mafioso crime drug in Puerto Madryn, there is a much larger network than a handful of young people trying to leave the poor in the worst way, but the only thing – or the easiest – they thought they could find.

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