Saturday , January 16 2021

Apple pays the teenager who found a serious error in the FaceTime app

Apple will award Grant Thompson, the 14-year-old who identified and warned the company about the FaceTime error, which triggered the iPhone microphone by the user called before accepting the call.

The company confirmed that it would compensate the Thompson family for the discovery of this vulnerability. In addition to this money, an extra amount is included to finance studies of the young person.

Although it was not revealed what the sum Thompson will receive, it is known that the company offers up to $ 200,000 in premiums to security researchers who discover and report such errors.

The big technology companies usually have this type of program to improve the terms of their services.

"In addition to correcting the bug that was reported, our team completed a complete revision of the FaceTime service and made additional updates to both the app and the server to improve security," a company spokesman said. The Verge.

How was Grant's discovery?

Grant identified the error in the app by chance. The teen wanted to be contacted by Facetime with a friend to coordinate a game of video games. But his friend never answered this video call.

So he added other friends to the chat he had started, and suddenly he realized he was listening to everything that came through the first windows iPhone that hadn't answered the call. The phone was started spontaneously.

The teenager told this incident to her mother, Michele, who immediately contacted the company via various means (Twitter, fax and customer service call) to report this issue.

Apple did not initially respond to these messages, but when the vulnerability spread, it seemed to warn that it was working on a solution that soon came in handy with the update of the operating system. And these days he said he would compensate the young person who identified the error.

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