Monday , November 23 2020

Are your ears infected after using silver or gold rings? This is the reason

Infections of the ears using rings that are not gold are very common. I know what this type of condition is called and what it is due to.

The infallible accessory in all women is undoubtedly so call. But many often suffer from infections of the materials that some of these accessories are made for. In general, those suffering from this type of infection actually suffer from an allergy known as allergic eczema, which prevents them from using material other than gold in their ear. It is usually nickel that causes the infection. This material is present in almost all fantasy jewelry, as well as forming an alloy with silver and white gold.

Although there is no solution to this, there are some ways to counteract the infection. Some claim to place a layer of clear nail polish on the post hoopIt serves to relieve it as it acts as an insulator and prevents your skin from having direct contact with the metal.

Another option may be call made of plastic, whether or not the rest of the accessories are made of other material. There is also call Made of surgical steel or titanium that you can use without risk of causing any reaction.

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