Friday , January 15 2021

Barbie Vélez revealed her reaction to Thelma Fardín's complaint about Juan Darthés

Three years ago, Barbie Vélez publicly condemned fat ball for sexual violence. Since then, he decided to leave the media scene and maintain a lower profile that would allow him to protect his new relationship with Lucas Rodríguez, son of Fabián Rodríguez.

But in the summer of 2019, she finds her in Mar del Plata, where she will review a game. Coincidentally, with his own project, Fede Bal also settled in "la Feliz" and the chance of meeting between them becomes inevitable. For this reason, both Barbie and Fede returned to the media storm.

In dialogue with Always show (Ciudad Magazine), Barbie, told how she responded when she saw Thelma Fardín dismissing Juan Darthés: "I began to cry when I saw her, I saw her helpless, I would hug her; after seeing his video, the story of what had happened, I saw that there were comments saying," I do not know if I believe in him " What can I expect! Much is still changing in society"He said referring to the many criticisms he received when condemning Fat Ball for aggression.

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