Wednesday , November 25 2020

Barbie Vélez told him he would say goodbye to Mar del Plata: See what he said!

Barbie Vélez and Fat Ball They went through a tremendous courtesy with a sudden end and agreements included. Now, each and every one of them makes seasons in Mar del Plata and can cross at any time.

In this context, Barbie chatted with Confrontados and replied if she wanted to run into the actor: "No, apparently not" he answered

Then Barbara thought about Nazarene's decision to accompany her during the season: "I was never 24 years old, I would never put pressure on her, I feel it would be too much with everything she did for me." It was something she was born as a mother and she also came to work But the truth is that I live it very naturally, I am not deprived of going to places I go where I want, I have to eat, I do not attach myself or doing my head. he concluded.

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