Thursday , January 21 2021

Boca suspended the celebrations in Bombonera for the Day of the Fan

Despite the hard defeat that led the Madrid Superfinals, they in Xeneize were determined to perform the celebrations for Boca Fanens Day. But from the Ribera club they announced that they will not finally open the stadium for the event.

What happened? After the massive open-door training, performed by Xeneize in the previously unsuccessful Superclásico in Monumental, Bombonera was deactivated because the amount of publicly allowed was widely exceeded.

Since the management of the club moved to try to lift the measure, but only managed to do half: from the Ministry of Security in the city of Buenos Aires They agreed to open the stadium as long as the event was only for members.

The decision did not go well in Boca, as it is an event designed so that fans can also enjoy those who do not have the opportunity to go every Sunday to encourage the team.

"Unlike the restrictions imposed by the city council on the stadium's qualification, this Wednesday, December 12, the doors to Bombonera will not be able to open so fans can celebrate their day at the club's facilities." They explained through a statement issued by social network.

"Despite Boca Juniors decision to dispose of all the funds for the event of the event, the measures being arranged Limit the entrance to the public in general, denaturalize the purpose of the call as it had been raised. For this reason, the club will not be able to make the stadium available to receive the fans and apologize to all those who had the decision to participate in the day, "they concluded.

And now? The sports event secretary has already set up the implementation since dinner at Obelisco, to control the fans that come together in Buenos Aires emblematic monuments.

The announcements from the fans in their day

Thousands of fans invaded social networks early and showed their pride in defending blue and gold. # DíaDelHinchadeBoca became TT on Twitter and you can see messages like these.

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