Wednesday , December 2 2020

Breast cancer: the type of diet can affect the appearance

Research in breast cancer it doesn't stop The scientific advances range from detecting tumors with machine learning to personal therapies through breast reconstructions with 3D shapes and strategies to stop it. Now a new study from the Health Institute points to Carlos III (Spain) on how foods can affect the risk of suffering from this disease.

According to the results published in the scientific journal Scientific reports. Women with a calorie (higher than the person's needs) may have an increased chance of developing tumors. In this sense, a low calorie diet would prevent it.

To determine this, they conducted a survey 1946 women between the ages of 18 and 70 participated, half of them newly diagnosed with breast cancer. Everyone answered several questionnaires, especially about their eating habits. This allowed us to estimate on average how much daily energy was consumed during the five years prior to the interview. On the other hand, if the amount of calories was deficient or excessive, it was calculated from the body's mass index, the physical activity and metabolism of each participant.

The women who took part less calories that the expected (according to their energy needs) is presented a lower risk of having breast cancer The effect was more significant in premenopausal women. On the contrary, in them as exceeded by 40% The estimated values ​​of calories according to their activity were the risk of suffering from the disease almost double – something that was strong in postmenopausal women.

"According to our results, To prevent breast cancer, it is a good recommendation to try that the calorie intake is not excessive. And this must happen before menopause begins, "said Marina Pollán, the paper's lead author. The Confidential.

The researcher also pointed out that although it is the first study of this type, the results coincide with a previous work that prohibited excessive calorie intake with mammographic density, a risk marker for breast cancer. "Finding the same relationship makes us believe that we must transfer the observations to the population: Eating too much is a major risk factor for breast cancer"He concluded.

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