Monday , January 18 2021

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Today at. 9.30, a conciliation meeting will be held in court, as actor Juan Darthes initiated actor Anita Coacci for "fakes and insults" after condemning him for harassment during the second season of the Gasoleros program. However, actor Fernando Burlando warned that Darthes will continue in Brazil, while the actress will appear in the courts of 550 Talcahuano Street, accompanied by colleagues and his lawyer Raquel Hermida.

"On Tuesday we invite you to come and support this demand for freedom of speech and the right to speak. Silence is the basis of the impunity of people who abuse and violate. They want us calm," Sabrina Cartabia, the lawyer of Thelma Fardin, the actor who filed a criminal complaint in Nicaragua against Darthes for rape said in the call.

"It doesn't come and there are no reasons," he told Burlando, confirming that the actor will continue to live in Brazil, where he settled with his family at the end of last year after being condemned by Fardin . To a great extent, Hermida confirmed that "we must be as the quote says. Case law states that the complainant in this criminal procedure with sufficient characteristics of civil proceedings should be present or the case will fall."

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