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Carlos Stornelli announced he will resign Marcelo D & # 39; Alessio

February 11, 2019

"I'm used to this kind of thing," said the prosecutor in "The News wanted" by Radio Miter.

Carlos Stornelli announced that he will terminate Marcelo D & # 39; Alessio on Tuesday

Carlos Stornelli, was interviewed by Nicolas and Miguel Wiñazki and Gonzalo Sánchezwhere he referred to "Operation" policy implemented against him.

"I need time to see what's going on, it's all about. D & # 39; Alessio will be condemned tomorrow. They say he asked for money by invoking my name. From what had happened in the media I would have made a weapon to make this person believe that he was attributed in a case and that I had sent deals to scare him or something and bring the money ", the prosecutor said notebooks of bribes K.

Carlos Stornelli on the blackmail complaint: "It's all an invention"

Regarding the complaint from Civic Coalitionclaiming it was armed by prisoners K, said: "It's a complaint made. I don't have much to say. The judge will investigate. I have nothing to say or encourage myself to venture. We see what happens. "

"I knew him because I'm open door. I met him because Daniel Santoro introduced me. He came to the prosecution and provided evidence of a case, everything was sentenced and sent to the courts. A verborrágico type, entrador, I think it's a stealing life. He was constantly talking about investigating terrorists. A guy, also with television appearances, who knows half of the world because He entered many more offices"he admitted great nelliabout the relationship I had with Marcelo D & # 39; Alessio.

Víctor Manzana's complicated Cristina Kirchner: "He was aware of everything"

On the other hand, the prosecutor revealed information about Víctor Manzanareswith whom he spoke for eleven hours: "It was a good talk because he wanted to tell and take a weight away as he said. Some time ago he sent me to tell his lawyer by letter that he was preparing to testify and that when he made that decision he wanted to talk to me. We had an interview that there was no agreement a few months ago. I think it was really a decision that told him much time to elaborate and also talk about people who were friends from their childhood".

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