Friday , January 22 2021

Carmela Bárbaro got a job with a very first figure of a leading channel!

Getting work on TV can be a very difficult task, even for the top-notch numbers who are not afraid to say exactly what they think without fear that their words can cause problems with other celebrities; Carmela Bárbaro was always characterized by her complete honesty, a feature that allowed her to shine at Mariana Fabbiani in El dia de Mariana on channel 13.

But surprisingly, the journalist was dismissed from his job and it generated a lot of controversy because many people believed that the channel's decision was related to the upcoming presidential election; to put it a few words: the leaders of the Clarín group would not have wished in front of the cameras a woman capable of launching devastating criticism against Mauricio Macri in one of the most anticipated afternoon shows.

After learning his dismissal, Barbaro published several texts on their social networks, but one was aware of everyone because he rejected the official version of a mutually agreed separation: "They threw me in. They told me that they wanted me for the year And after they wanted my exit from the program, clearly, if not, I wouldn't be 31 and first in the air, wouldn't I?

Of course, a few days later, the journalist used a hilarious video where she could see the cleaning of a sink with Luis Bremer, the second panelist dismissed from the Fabbiani program: "Utilizing the labor market with @luisbremeroficial # work #emprendedores" (sic).

Fortunately, Carmela has already been working on one of the most monitored channels on Argentine television, as at the end of the summer she will start working, no more, no less than at Pamela in the afternoon, the show broadcast on América TV. of the impressive Pamela David. The reason for its integration would be the end of the cycle David Kavlin, as the young would be very busy with people who gave opinions, his new project for Net TV. Can Channel 13 tremble? What will Mariana Fabbiani say when she learns that her former panelist is working for her main competitor?

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