Thursday , December 3 2020

Celeste Cid was labeled as "paquera" and reacts unexpectedly

Celeste Cid She is one of the most beautiful and talented actresses in our country. She stood in many fictions, but when she was at a very high time, she had to be admitted to a rehabilitation clinic because of her dependence on drugs. the actress often uses cocaine, marijuana and other drugs. She admits her dark past a couple of weeks ago in dialogue with the city's eleven Ti / Radio and tells the terrible moment you go through.

"This situation is already 8 years old, and it was a very sad and ugly moment, I do not want it for anyone, it is something much more than what you see in every family there are situations like that," you confess. to Catalina Dlugi. "And it seems to me that the good thing that can be saved from it is that something suits despite the suffering the moment I found, of course, that I would never be in that place anymore and also a lot of internal work because it does not stop being a health problem and a disease to be crossed, "he added.

"And fortunately today, it happens to me that I do not wake up with the motto of" just for today ", it is as if it had happened to someone else, the situation is very crazy and it was also very repairing and many connections was reconstituted and it seems very recognizable, "he continued. And close: "When I happened what happened, my son was very young, I respected his moment when he asked, because with his father our philosophy is to talk about everything and show reasons, I have difficulty understanding hatred generated when relationships end after many years, I feel that Emmanuel (Horvilleur) is my family, and I have known him since I was 17 years old. "

In the last few hours, Celeste uploaded a photo from her Instagram account and a follower told her about her past related stuff. What was totally unexpected was the response that Cid had, which far from letting the aggressive comment pass, confronted him and showed that he is not ashamed of, but that he learned from that situation and is now he is stronger than ever. With much height I decided to give a very precise answer and cut the violence.

"Paquera" I wrote on a photo where she posed with her stylist. The actress responded with height and temperament. "I do not understand your message, if that is what I understand, rather than answer you: I wish you much love in your life so that the things you are sending are kind and good intentions … Great kiss!

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