Thursday , November 26 2020

CFK deprivation: Stornelli asked PJ senators to "reload the law" – 12/20/2018

Chamber I in the Federal Chamber of Buenos Aires confirmed on Thursday the trial of preventive detention by Cristina Kirchner, in the cause of portable books. The former president is accused of being the head of an illegal association that is in charge of managing a government structure for collecting illegal funds. With this failure Federal Judge Claudio Bonadio will ask the Senate for the ex-President's immunity.

In this context, the prosecutor's case, Carlos Stornelli, in dialogue with TN Central (Todo Noticias) He sent the peronist senators to "re-read the law" before remarking that they will not lend themselves to treating the accusation because There is no firm condemnation on CFK.

"If there is a written notice from a competent judge, they shall try the pursuit" noted Stornelli.

"In my opinion, it would have the answer (the request for immunity) when (Judge Claudio) Bonadio dictated the decision, I think the judge would ensure that Parliament approved," the prosecutor said. And he added: "Until now, they were prevented from imprisoning (…) I believe the institutions will work ".

With regard to the search for the money involved in the case, Stornelli said that they point more to the vision of a "sprawl of money" (eg real estate) than to the search for a "treasure chest". "We have to give up the imagination", he said.

However, he added about the possibility of burying silver: "There are people who commented that in some economic operations they received wet tickets to transfer, They are color data, perhaps suggesting that the notes are exposed to extreme humidity. "

And slipped: "There are data that allow us to suspect that there is cash."

With regard to Judge Bonadio and the explosive unit left in his home, he held: "I was afraid of Claudio; My presumption is that facts were associated with this reason, they were looking for someone disguised as something else to spoil it. "

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