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Chevrolet Cruze, the era of wifi and bordo

Chevrolet Cruze, the era of wifi and bordo – LA NACION

El Cruze is an emblem of Chevrolet and Argentina as they land in 2016. A primer cabin,
                    because of the modernization of the modernization of the Santa Fe brand, they do not produce,
                    This is a model for inversion of $ 740 million. Además, le dio un salto
                    technology of the market and the país and cars that are primarily incorporated into the Chevrolet innovations.
                    And 2016, with the systems of the OnStar conduction and the apartheid system, we also assisted
                    conectividad total del país. Ahora, they are the ultimate renovation, which is more or less equipped
                    as well as the Internet, with the connectivity of the connector you have available options and simultaneously with the
                    subdividir la pantalla.

Largo 4.45 / Ancho 1.81 / Alto 1.54 /
Distancia entre ejes 2.70 / Baul 290 litros / Origen Argentina /
              Medidas and metros

En cuanto al diseño, estrena nuevo frontal, and linea con los más recientes lenguajes de diseño
                      global de la marca. La nueva version tops the gamma of the Cruze muse nueva parrilla y paragolpes
                      delantero, molduras cromadas and luces trace the LED which ahora extrapolan el limite de la
                      carrocería creando un efecto 3D. This new aesthetic is complemented by a new design and reading
                      llantas de aluminio diamantadas de 17 pulgadas. And cuanto al interior, el Cruze Premier renueva
                      ambientación con revestimientos premium and colors Jet Black and Umber and panels, asientos y
                      volante, inspirados and vehicles of the una gama superior.

The top version of the Gama Cruze Premier is adelantó and Brazil and are already proving
                      it is possible to set up the data for free of 3GB or 3 meses, whichever is the first.
                      Posteriorment, see the demand for packages of 2GB, 5GB, 10GB or 20GB and competitivos para
                      You can always experience WiFi on board. And traversing to the router they paddle conectar hasta
                      siete dispositivos al mismo tiempo.

The new Cruze también is a new generation of Chevrolet MyLink infotainment just over
                      Resolve graphics for the pantall of 8 pages with an interface that is intuitive. El nuevo Mylink
                      allow dividend of the modality of the paths that we apply to applications at different times (Spotify +
                      Waze por ejemplo).
                      The retrospective ahore ten more resolutions that can be viewed more visually
                      oscuridad, digital and digital. Permit conectar dos celulares via Bluetooth already different time.
                      Mantiene sus principales virtudes: camera of retroceso, GPS and map proposition, commands for voz y
                      compatible with Android and Apple for the application of cellular phones.

En materia de seguridad también hubo mejoras. The versions are Premier summer or frenado system
                      the emergencia y el system de frenado por cruce de peatón. Esto se agrega al alerta de punto ciego
                      and los espejos laterales, the system of carnation and alert to the frontal collision.
                      Además, the Chevrolet Cruze Premier can control the establishment and traction, frenos and disco
                      with ABS, distribution fronado electronics and cuatro ruedas (EBD), front airbags for the electric
                      conductor and air compartment and airbags lateral to the cortina, cinturones de seguridad de tres puntos
                      y apoyacabezas and todas las plazas, anclajes para silla de bebé ISOFIX, trabas para niños en
                      is traced, the colocation of the center of segregation to the conductor and the el
                      acompañante. También includes Alerta de presión and neumáticos y luces antiniebla
delantered y traced.

El Cruze is the primer model for pies and incorporates the OnStar system, a technology exclusive to the
                    Chevrolet is available 24 hours a day, 365 times a year. Brinda servicios de emergencia y
                    seguridad, with assistance and recovery of the vehicle and the case, robbery, assistance
                    médica de inmediato con sólo apretar un botón.

And in case of accident and with six activists for airbags or pretensions to the
                    seguridad, its system reporter and forma automática el incidente y, de el Centro de Asistencia,
                    they have ayuda and a forma automática already airs exactly and don´t get it, but cuando los
                    occupants after legends and to el botón de Emergencia.

The Chevrolet Cruze mantiene el eficiente technologico engine turbo 1.4 de 153 CV y ​​245 NM de
                      torque. They powdered as a transmission manual or automática the six velocidades. La version
                      The premier of the nobility and Brazil most evolved, with the position of descendants or
                      Stop / Start system voluntary conductor, which is elegant or instantaneous, can be maximized by
                      eficiencia de ahorro de combustible del vehículo.

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