Thursday , December 3 2020

Chino Leunis: "I'm used to girls and boys facing me"

Changes to the wind Leandro "El Chino" Leunis. On a personal level, he separated only five months ago Karin Rodríguez, mother of his daughter Delfina, with whom he shared the last fourteen years of his life. And at a professional level he just made his debut on the front of Morfi next to Zaira Nara, The Telefé bike that you already had as drivers Gerardo Rozín and Damian de Santo.

– How did you meet this new challenge?

-It's a proven format and I participated in a structure that works very well. So I feel very safe and at the same time very committed. I went during the month of January to the program with my buddy and my thermos to see what the energy of the group was like, and I loved it. I have also been a guest Morfi and I always enjoyed it. But I'm also part of the Telefe family five years ago, so I have many expectations for this new project.

– Every driver has put his stamp on the program …

Yes. I think what I will give you is my energy and my experience. Perhaps we put a more musical touch, which is what I love in my radio bands. And because, although I can't say I'm a musician because it would be a chanta, I play the drums …

– Have you forgotten vice?

– Sure. Also when I cook at home, I always play music …

Yes. I'm not a world champion, but I'm defending myself in the kitchen. I always say that my brothers are much more involved than me. We are five men, and I am the worst of them all, at least. But we are all good cooks.

– My old lady is a genius cooking and she gave us a base. But besides, I only live since I was 20 when I became independent, so I always had to manage in the kitchen. And I fix a meal for you: I can make milanes with fries, noodles with tuco, potato cake, empanadas …

– Your daughter asking you?

– Delfina is a whole subject. She is nine years old and feeding the boys is complicated. So in the program we will also talk about how we get our children to eat varied with fruits and vegetables. My daughter, for example, could live with butter and chicken leg noodles. But I try to expand its food spectrum a little by cooking in other types of dishes.

-You also go cooking when you have an appointment with a girl?

– And yes. Now, maybe I'm a little quieter in that sense, and I'm cooking for my daughter. But returning to my early years, I always defended myself. I like to welcome people at home and treat them with a rich snack, good meal and good wine. Be friends, family or anything …

– We talked about the girls, punctually.

-I am honest? Currently, the only girl who entertains is my daughter.

Yes. I am at a time when I connect with myself. After 14 years as a couple, it is not easy to adapt to the new life. Thank goodness, I have an excellent relationship with Karin because it is not that we are separated by a specific conflict. So we meet very well and we are aware that the priority is of course our daughter's happiness.

– it means that the doors to a

-No. Simply, I am not thinking of referring to anyone at this time. I'm calm, reencontrándome with me. The same thing happens to everyone who is in a situation like mine. In short, I am a human being like any other.

– And it cost you to reorganize yourself?

– It's always a challenge, but I take it.

-The community has changed a lot in the last 14 years …

– I imagine it must be the girls who are facing you, or am I wrong?

– It always happened to me. Even when I was married, they faced me. So it's an energy that doesn't seem strange to me. But I'm a pretty reserved guy in terms of intimacy, and people are also approaching that way. Every once in a while there are some bets, but in general the topic is pretty quiet.

– And don't you let go when a woman faces you?

For nothing: I am not surprised that I am facing the girls, the boys … I receive suggestions of all kinds. And when it is with respect, the best of me. But at the moment I am very focused on this phase of my life, on my daughter and on trying to be as happy as possible.

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