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Co-operative trout and even an evangelical church appear in the new money route K – 10/12/2018

In the new cash flow K, discovered in connection with the management of public works in favor of Lázaro Báez, appearing some of the same financiers, trout cooperatives and even a gospel church examined in the case of Skanska, Ciccone and Cerro Dragón, among other.

At the request of Prosecutor Gerardo Pollicita to convict Ercolini to investigate Finance Minister Ernesto Clarens and Gotti brothers, including defendants, money-safe maneuvers were discovered for $ 160 million. In the lawsuit against Báez for the roadway K through "La Rosadita" had been detected laundering of another $ 60 million.

In this new cause, economic maneuvers were made through the famous financial Invernes led by finance minister K Ernesto Clarens, treated in the cause of portable books. Invernes were then purchased directly from the Baez environment.

The scheme was implemented between 2003 and 2010 through the construction companies Gotti and Gancedo, which were also managed by Báez. First, the construction companies ceded the collection of the checks that the government gave them to the certificates of work progress in Santa Cruz to Invernes. Then Invernes changed more than 5,000 checks in the financial and cooperative trout for cash and without paying check the tax. .

The controls were mostly paid off "Non-existent Services" which also appeared in trout bills. The current owner of INAES, Marcelo Collomb, began a collapse of the Cooperative Registry and separate trout, such as Coficred and Credisol, which was handled by Clarens in 2015.

Prosecutor's request is based, among other things, on a letter from AFIP, handled by Leandro Cuccioli, prepared by inspector Jaime Mecikovsky and the branch of the Tax Agency Comodoro Rivadavia. AFIP crossed the data from the controls and the supposed suppliers to discover these amazing connections.

Gotti and Gancedo, controlled by Lázaro Báez to monopolize public work in Santa Cruz, were the bridges of the maneuvers.

As evidence of the accusation, an expert engineer said that the invoices contributed by Gotti "are not enough to be considered valid neither the Suppliers nor the goods or services or the amounts of the amounts paid."

The AFIP report reveals that they were discovered More than 100 truffles suppliers de Gotti, and that the irregular cooperatives, an evangelical church and FONFIPRO (Provincial Fund of Formosa Province) managed almost 65% of deposits. FONFIPRO was the channel that the Governor of Formosa, Gildo Insfrán, paid $ 2 million to the ghost company The Old Fund, the same as former vice president Amado Boudou used to illegally buy Ciccone.

"In the payments made by GOTTI SA, theoretically intended to pay for their suppliers of INVERNES SA, the analyzes analyzed verified that they were actually channeled to almost 85% of the amounts issued on behalf of fake or accepted suppliers as such and they were deposited in units, which for various reasons were in practice impossible to control the traceability of the check and they had nothing to do with the activity, geographical area or development of GOTTI SA operations, "indicates the AFIP report.

And then he used the structure Mutual Association of United Bakers of the Third Millennium, Fonfipro, Global Equity, Stock Exchange and Facimex (the latter also involved in the K money route), the Cristina Evangelical Pentecostal Bethel Church of San Miguelamong another twenty companies.

"INVERNES made its arrangements for GOTTI SA mainly based on the use of the bank account MACRO BANSUD whose money laundering system should be revised and whose money-raising authorities should have practiced different reports of suspicious transactions. Money laundering throughout this operation , considering the amounts, the lack of recipients' relationship with the originating activity and the permanent repurchases, "AFIP's report ensures.

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