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Concerns about the strong rise of the young people using the electronic cigarette in the US – 02/11/2019

The number of young Americans using electronic cigarettes increased by one and a half million by 2018, offsetting the years of reduction of tobacco consumption in colleges and universities, Monday's health authorities announced Monday.

Some 3.6 million colleges and college students flooded in 2018, while in 2017, 2.1 million did, a staggering 71% increase. Meanwhile, the number of cigarette smokers and other tobacco products is stable, according to a report by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

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"The meteoric increase in the use of electronic cigarettes from young people last year threatens to eliminate the progress made in reducing tobacco use," said CDR director Robert Redfield. "One New generation runs the risk of developing a nicotine addiction. "

The authorities specifically target the market leader, Juul, whom they regularly threaten. "All opportunities are on the table in terms of politics," warned Mitch Zeller, director of tobacco products for the FDA, the federal agency regulating electronic cigarettes, which Already in November, sales of some flavors such as strawberries or chewing gum limited.

Vaping began to be seen among young Americans since early 2010 and overcome the habit of smoking cigarettes in 2014. While the number of high school smokers is declining since 2011, the number of vapers has increased dramatically from 1.5% of high school students to 20 , 8% in 2018.

It's the percentage of students who say they've been using this product for the last month. In the same period, the number of tobacco smokers (cigarettes, cigars) it went from 21.87 to 13.9%.

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The university is also affected by this increase, but to a lesser extent. The study estimates the share of vaping university students at 4.9%.

In the US, the authorities include armed statistics on the use of tobacco as the nicotine in electronic cigarettes comes from tobacco, but other countries do not classify it as tobacco product.

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