Saturday , January 23 2021

Create "in vitro" blood vessels to recover infarcted hearts

A new breakthrough in health will make it possible to restore infarcted hearts by creating blood vessels in vitro. The researchers' team off University of Washington Used human stem cells to create a vascularized construct with a functional network of blood vessels that mimic the vasculature of a human heart.

In this way, they came to the conclusion that tissue derived from stem cells was effectively integrated into the host's coronary circulation, which It improved the blood flow to the designed tissue and gave it the nutrients needed to survive.

These blood vessels were created by scientists Department of Medicine for Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicine at the University of Washington, Seattle, tested in the hearts of rodents who had suffered a heart attack.

"This is the first demonstration that building organized blood vessels with perfusion out of the body leads to better integration with host blood vessels and better blood flow to the tissues", the specialists told the magazine Nature Communications.

The interruption of blood flow during a heart attack leads to a significant loss of muscle and heart function. The researchers seek heart muscle developed from stem cells not only to survive and integrate with the host tissue, but also to restore adequate blood flow.

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