Saturday , October 23 2021

Dismantle a gang that caught women to traffic cocaine and sell it in Tucumán


A family dress that caught vulnerable people to traffic cocaine and then distribute it in Tucumán disappeared. They were forced to take capsules with the drug to cross the border. The band is mainly run in Concepción and connections reached the Bolivian city of Yacuiba.

The gendarmerie yesterday made five raids in Salta and Tucumán and totally arrested seven people.

Operators supported the staff in the National Program for Victims of Trafficking, which helped to contain the women caught to transport the drug inside the body.

According to official sources, the members of the squadron 54 "Aguaray" began the investigation three months ago. During that time, they managed to discover a family who would have formed a criminal clan that caught people to act as "capsular erosion" or mules that moved cocaine bound to the body.

A power steering, on the National Route N ° 34, had to detect a woman who hid pulled among her clothes. It was the trigger to observe how a family, living in Aguaray, organized and caught women moving drugs acquired in Yacuiba. The final goal of the game was Concepción.

The advance of the cause may stop three people in Aguaray. As a result of the operations, the officers were arrested a total of 1 308 kg of cocaine in capsules, which were expelled by the prisoner.

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