Saturday , November 28 2020

Dollar today: quotes down after the interest rate increase of Fed and the end of Lebac

In its retail version, it falls 22 cents Source: Archive – Credit: Getty Images

Following the decision from

Federal Reserve

(Federal) US to raise 0.25 percentage point interest rates, it

dollar today

It operates down the local market. In its retail version, according to the first cut of the average of

The central bank

, sold at $ 39.39, 22 cents during yesterday's closing ($ 39.33).

The wholesale dollar, meanwhile, falls 0.82% and at. 12:07 it's trading at $ 38.05, 32 cents during yesterday's seal.

Banco Nación, which usually has one of the lowest quotes on the market, sells at noon this time at $ 39. Other private banks offer it at $ 39.25.

Other currencies in the region show mixed trends. This afternoon, the real and the Mexican peso appreciated 1.43% and 1.19% respectively. The Chilean peso is now weakening 0.02%.

The US dollar is back globally. The dollar exchange rate, which measures the value of this currency against others such as the euro or the yen, falls 0.55%.

Yesterday, the financial market had news at national and international level that could have influenced the exchange rate in Argentina.

In the United States, Fed
decided to increase the rate by 0.25% to 2.5%. At the local level yesterday was the last expiration of Lebac, which had formed a stock of over 1.2 billion.

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