Monday , November 30 2020

Elon Musk shows massive Mars & # 39; Starship & # 39; prototype rocket

SpaceX managed over 20 launches in 2018, but it has also worked on probably larger and better plans for the future. In the early morning hours on Christmas Eve Monday, CEO Elon Musk attended a picture of the prototype version of his "Starship" under construction.

Starship is the new name for the huge rocket that was previously known as "BFR" to SpaceX plans to use to send people around the moon, to Mars and on super-fast international flights through space.

The image gives an idea of ​​the size of the rocket that SpaceX has said will be bigger and significantly more powerful than the Saturn V rocket that took Apollo astronauts to the moon. The nose cone alone seems to be several numerous tall, dwarfing the work parks parked around it.

Musk tweeted that the massive rocket prototype, built on the SpaceX test plant in Texas, has a stainless steel skin. In subsequent remarks, he said that steel would perform better than lighter carbon fiber at high temperatures as they felt during reentry.

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He also added that the skin "becomes too hot for paint" and will instead have a "stainless mirror finish" for "maximum reflectivity."

Musk has said that SpaceX plans to start testing its Starship design in 2019 with "jumpers" planes that will essentially launch the rocket straight up and bring it down again for a landing. The test flights will use three of the company's next generation "Raptor" engines, according to Musk.

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