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Enjoy WhatsApp tricks: How to make group video calls in an easy way – 12/11/2018

Since the message about the feature that allows to do group video call on WhatsApp The mechanism for doing them became boring. But the most popular messenger It was suggested to change this modality to make it easier and that users can benefit from voice or video calls within a group.

This method, which is only available in WhatsApp groups, is simple a shortcut to make video calls between people belonging to the same group. Of course, we need to keep in mind that in order to perform them with other users, we must continue with the current mechanics.

Step 1: A group of members you want to contact

It may be one that you have already created, but nothing happens if you put it together from the bottom specifically to this. When you are in the group, you must Touch the phone icon that you have the upper part to the right of the group's conversation. The icon is located there to initiate calls in a much easier way.

Step 2: Select the members

All contacts that are part of the group you are in are displayed in the drop-down menu. What you should do here is to choose the people you want to add to the call. simply You must click on their names, just like sending content, and you'll see that they are added to a list from which you can delete them as well.

Step 3: Specify the video call

With the selection of members, it is now only necessary to complete the task. To the right of the list are the icons for the camera or phone, depending on whether you want a video call or voice call between all members.

To finish, just take into account two last issues: The limit for the participants in a group call is 4 personsso you can only add three to the call; and that this shortcut, which simplifies the task for now, is available in Beta version of WhatsApp, but that does not mean that it is enabled in the basic service in the coming weeks.

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