Saturday , November 28 2020

Evelyn Scheidl's announcement: "I haven't had sex for nine years, the pain in my husband's death was unbearable"

The ex-model of 67 years revealed in Cortá by Lozano, how since she widowed, she returned to being in pairs.

    Evelyn Scheidl:

In a fun talk in Cut by Lozano they were on the couch Veronica Lozano. Teresa Calandra and Evelyn Scheidl (67), friends for more than 30 years. The interview ended in a statement from the blonde on why she has not been intimate with any man for almost a decade.

"I haven't had sex for nine years," said the ex model, who in 2010 was the widow of her husband, the businessman. Fernando Ten. "I'm not interested, I'm still in love," she explained, saying that the shock of her husband's death, like many people, hit her to stop being with another person. "My husband's pain was unbearable, unbearable," he said.

Evelyn was married for 37 years with the shoe dealer and is the father of her five children: "I am convinced that he continues to accompany his family, I thank him for being with me every day and helping me solve the problems I'm committed to God, I want to learn to live without him physically, but I'm convinced there is life after that, for which I think we will meet sometime again, "said the ex model of Caras magazine a few months later of her husband's death.

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