Tuesday , January 26 2021

Femicide in the La France neighborhood: killed her on her birthday and committed suicide

A man killed his wife and took his own life in a genocide moving the La France neighborhood, northwest of the city of Cordoba.

The femicide took place on Sunday evening, after 21, at Juan de Rivadeneyra Street 3258, reported to The voice police sources.

The victim was identified as Patricia Gómez, 53 years old. According to Chief Constable Gustavo Paiva, she was originally shot in the kitchen and finished in a courtyard in the house.

"It was the woman's birthday, the man had lived there a month ago, and on Sunday night he would return, but the woman refused, according to her daughter, who was in the house with some friends," Paiva said. it means.

According to the police chief, there were currently no records found that the woman had condemned the man.

His daughter proved him

FEMICIDE IN LA FRANCE NEIGHBORHOOD. The venue for the event (Ramiro Pereyra / La Voz).

The girl, 19 years old, was in her room. When she heard the parents' argument, she tried to intervene, but her father divorced her and killed her mother.

The man used a 22-caliber Bersa gun with which he shot himself in the head. That weapon was hijacked.

Femicide, Alberto Bolomo (50), was transferred to the Emergency Hospital, where he died close to 3 in the morning.

"The girl went to the street and asked for help," a resident radio miter said.

The man also reported that many acts of violence had been recorded many years ago. "I can't remember the date well, but the aggressor also sets fire to the house," said the neighbor.

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