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Hard crossing of Chilavert to Navarro – 11/14/2018

José Luis Chilavert crossed a spicy tweet to Nicolás Navarro. Paraguayan, 53 years old, He commented on a statement as San Lorenzo goalkeeper He made half a follower playing with his feet. And the message went viral.

Tuesday night Navarrese He spoke to San Lorenzo de América (FM Sen), where he heard about what he thought about the plan to leave play from the bottom, as the proposal for Jorge Almirón. "The idea of ​​playing with your feet is to have another game option"explained the title archer San Lorenzo.

Navarrese He also explained that "We are the last line and playing with your feet is risky, you have to be consistent and play for the team". And he even raised it "For me, the goalkeeper must stop, he does not need to kick a penalty or free throw, if the coach asks for it I will do my best to follow". Bets that he caused in connection with the few exercises San Lorenzo has had with Almiron.

But a fan of San Lorenzo -what name is not known but his nickname Twitter: @ElNazoDeBoedo) decided to copy the statements from Navarro to Chilavert to ask for your opinion. The former Vélez expanded: "The mediocre that goes through life is not going to fail, the successful ones we only think of winning, the successful ones are those at risk of achieving success." When an archer does not know how to play with his feet, he says this nonsense. the world is making goals ".

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Navarresehero archery San Lorenzo In 2018 he started on Monday at the premiere of Jorge Almirón in front of the team after the departure of Claudio Biaggio.

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