Friday , December 4 2020

Hard fight between Andrea Taboada and Evelyn von Brocke who demanded De Brito's intervention: "With my children, don't be involved"

After the strong statements he made Evelyn von Brocke against his ex-partner Fabian Doman, the panelist stared in a fierce argument with his Los Angeles partner in the morning, Andrea Taboada, that required driver intervention Angel the Brito.

"You are sailing. With my children you will not be involved"Was von Brocke's warning after his panelmates questioned his attitude and criticism of Doman.

Andrea Taboada and Evelyn von Brocke at a crossroads at LAM

Andrea Taboada and Evelyn von Brocke at a crossroads at LAM

"It's not good your kids see"Answered Taboada." Don't talk about my children, please, Andrea Taboada, "replied Evelyn, sensibly annoyed by her colleague's comment.

The discussion went up in tone and The Brito made the drastic decision to ask that they turn off Taboada's microphone so that Evelyn can continue with his presentation.


The tense passage was caused by the statements made Evelyn on Monday when she returned to LAM from her vacation.

"I answer what my younger brother told me this weekend. He told me it was an amoeba beside him. I should have separated ten years before. I say this with utmost respect for my children, "the panelist had assured her in her criticism of Doman.

"I followed the family, to fight for the family, for all that I forgot about myself. I dedicated myself to a man, to a family, to my children … And you also need to dedicate yourself. When I signed up I lost 12 kilos and went back to my sport. I was a federal athlete and I represented Argentina. And I did no more sports. As soon as I divorced, I hired a person as a personal trainer because I couldn't lift a leg, "Evelyn explained.

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