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He appeared in a hospital with his newborn baby, in a box, dead – 11/02/2019

On Friday at dawn, a 27-year-old woman arrived, accompanied by a relative of the José María Cullen hospital in Santa Fe. two shoe boxes.

She went to a doctor and told him she had been born in the town of Desvío Arijón. And when the professional asked about the creature, the woman opened the box. The newborn child was dead and with suspected signs of violence. In the other cardboard box was the placenta.

According to the mother's proverb, The baby was hit when she fell while she was giving birth in the bathroom in his home, but the hospital authorities reported the case, a prosecutor intervened and an autopsy was ordered.

bugle He could know from sources to the case that the child had one fracture of the femur and another in the skull.

"For doctors it was a complicated situation, although complex, delicate cases have been seen, it shook them emotionally," said Cullen hospital director Juan Pablo Poletti.

"When we did not have the circumstances of the event, whether he had been born alive, died whether he had been a natural death or not, the conditions of birth, [entonces] In addition to obstetrics, neonatology and legal advice, it was decided to make the complaint in the fourth part of the patient's admission and that she had arrived a deceased baby without cause"Poletti added.

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After the prosecution's intervention, the expert assessments were ordered. Forensic experts analyze the child's body, assessed the investigating police (PDI) staff the house where the delivery took place, and at that time resolved the mother's situation which, in order to promote the investigation of a suspected attack on stroke, could be stopped and attributed by Worsened murder by the link.

Prosecutor Marcelo Nessier is responsible for the case.

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