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He died Gordon Banks, the goalkeeper of "the best rescue in the history of the world" against Pelé

February 12, 2019

The English goalkeeper Gordon Banks died today at the age of 81, according to his family. Possibly unknown to new generations, Banker was one of the best archer in history, world champion in 1966 and six times chosen by FIFA as the year's goalkeeper. However will be posterity as the person in charge of the "best saves in world history", nothing short of before Pele herself.

Banks were born in Shefield. During his career he was the champion of two league cups with Leicester and Stoke, but it was mainly at the international level where he stood most. In all the matches of the World Cup 1966 in England, held on June 7, 1970, at the Mexico World Cup when he was the protagonist of an unforgettable game.

That day, the English team faced Brazil. It was a clash between two of the greatest forces at the moment. With the game zero to zero, on average in the second half, Jairzinho sent a center from the right that found Pele free of the mark. & # 39; O Rei & # 39; He hit a strong header, from the edge to the ground, with an inevitable fate of the net. "That day I screamed the target," he recalled later. But I didn't have Gordon Banks. EThe English goalkeeper, with a phenomenal stretch and reflexes rarely seen, had an incredible response to send the ball to the corner.

That day, England also fell to Brazil, which would be the champion of that event. But the banks were very clear about the spectacular of his tackle: "I was lucky. But they can't remember me winning the World Cup. They'll do it to save".

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