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Horror in Miramar: Five men raped a 14-year-old girl in a campsite – 01-01-2019

Fernet bottles and alcohol everywhere. A carp of horror. Decontrol. A girl of 14 who should not have been there but with her parents and her brother celebrating New Year in another tent. Everything ended badly five men accused of rape, arrested by the police.

bugle arrived at the site at night on this Tuesday and the leaders of the place did not allow to enter the press. Although the camp continued to function as if nothing had happened. Tourists came and went like every summer day. But a couple of hours before, New Year's feasts became the worst nightmare for a 14 year old teenager I spent the night at a campsite in Miramar.

Her mother was worried when she lost her and looked after her among the tents until she found her in one: she was full and surrounded by men. They are between 21 and 23 years old. They are the ones now detained.

It happened in the El Durazno campsite, on route 11 near access to Miramar. The woman rescued her daughter and warned the girls' father who called the police. At 7 o'clock in the morning, the agents arrived at the campsite and delayed the attackers after the family's history.

Prosecutor Florencia Salas milked the preventive detention of the five young people and He referred to the crime "sexual abuse with aggravated carnal access". He also asked turn to the teenager to tell what happened in the Gesell Chamber to clarify what happened in the early hours of January 1.

"I want to confirm that there are five detainees and that the tire is sexual abuse with aggravated meat access but I will not give details because the victim is underage, "the prosecutor apologized for this newspaper.

The information, the prosecutor said, would then be channeled through the press office of the Prosecutor. He will not repeat the way in which Lucía Pérez's case was handled in Mar del Plata when a prosecutor even offered a press conference to give unclear details of the case.

Both in the youth and in the five young detainees are from Mar del Plata, but did not come together at the campsite, where it is common for families to live at the end of the year. It is located on the inter-beach route, facing the sea, and is one of the best known in the area.

Instead, scenes with great excitement lived during dawn. Only when the memory did not appear, and the concern took her to the mother to look for her in the property, between the tents. and his search ended up being a rescue: The teenager was in a tent surrounded by young people, all intoxicated and raped. The tent was removed from the site by police as evidence.

After being rescued by her mother, mine's father called the police who arrested the youth, some of whom would be surfers. OneBefore the agencies of the Miramar Community Police arrived, it was the father who kept them there so they would not escape.

The minor, according to sources in the case, was also full, like her attackers. Two of them are 21 years old and the other 23. In the morning of this Wednesday, they will be transferred from Batán prison where they were accommodated to witness the prosecutor.

In the morning, the parents terminated the Women's Police Station and intervened in public prosecutors who ordered the arrest of the attackers. In addition to making a statement from them, Salas will in the coming hours also have testimony from those who are at the campsite.

Correspondent in Mar del Plata with collaboration of Mariano Gavira (Special Envoy)

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