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How to automatically turn off playback videos on social networks

March 17, 2019

This series of steps makes it easy for many frequent users to turn off automatic videos. When surfing on Facebook, Twitter or others, these clips are usually annoying.

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the automatic playback videos is a frequent problem when surfing on Facebook, Twitter or other social networks It is possible to avoid them.

Why did Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp fall for nine hours?

The US technology news site The Verge. Relieved a number of tips to avoid falling into despair and ready to turn off these videos.

If it's about the social network Facebook, Created by Mark Zuckerberg, from any computer you can enter the configuration at the top right of the page and then go to "List of videos" in the left menu, in the button to disable "Auto play".


If you use Facebook from the smatphone, do the same procedure above, but from the menu button at the bottom of the screen, go to the "Settings and Privacy" option to find the "Media and Contacts", "Videos and Images" and "Autoplay" tags.

On Twitter, there are two options to turn off the automatic playback videos: one must enter "settings and privacy" and then "use data" in the sidebar and "automatic video playback".

If you have an update, the other option is to access the "Settings and Privacy" menu, where you will find "Account" in the sidebar, "Content" and "Automatic video playback".

The procedure from smartphones is the same in all social networks. Instead On Instagram, it is still not allowed to turn off automatic video playback.

in Google Chromethe digital media ensured that it is not possible to disable this feature. "When you browse the web, the list that Chrome learns and changes automatically allows you to play websites where you play media with audio during most of your visits, and disables it on sites where it doesn't," he explained. John Pallett, Product Manager at Google.

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