Friday , January 15 2021

How to create your own stickers on Whatsapp

Notification program for smartphones more influential today keep technology updated and Improve your platform for its users.

Whatsapp It has pictures, videos, voice notes and even animated gifs that interfere with user chat to do more dynamic and fun the experience in the messaging application.

The message about Ten years In the market, it does not stop updating its platform and contains variation in content, WhatsApp has recently launched its new line of Stickers or stickers to add fun to your chat.

The stickers in the application they are predetermined and they do not provide ceasefire modifications, but there are nevertheless ways in which users edit and can create their own stickers with any photograph or image.

Because the number of stickers what have Whatsapp is very limited, technology experts have developed their own apps to create personal stickers.

Now know how to create your own stickers to give your WhatsApp chat a fun touch:

Marker Sticker is the name of the application to download through the Google Play Store to link it with Whatsapp and then create the stickers.

After downloading Marker Sticker The first step is to create a new sticker, select its title and assign it the name of the author or creator of the new package.

The sticker application allows the user to create packages in an unlimited manner. For this we must choose the image or picture and draw with the finger the outline that we want to extract and convert.

The next step is to add at least 3 stickers in the application package and then press "Add to whatsapp". Performed! We can start creating.

So far, any kind of image or photograph can be used to create the stickers because it does not exist no filter in relation to the offensive content that the images used to create the stickers have.

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