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How to retrieve all emails and attachments from Gmail


One of the characteristics of gmail Is it possible to store email messages and attachments. But at some point we may find that we occupy a large part of our room, or we will publish it and download all our messages and files on the PC in order to hear them whenever we want, if any needs an internet connection. Next, let's show How to retrieve all your emails and attachments from Gmail.

There are many messages and attachments that we can store in our Gmail mailbox, why downloading messages and files can be quite a task if we do it one by one. Therefore, we show how we can download all messages and files from our Gmail account.

For this we use a service offered by Google itself. We refer to Google Takeout, a service where, in addition to downloading all mail messages from Gmail, we can also download data or information for other Google services.

Steps to follow to download all messages and attachments from your Gmail account

To use Google Takeout, all we have to do is follow the same link when we log in to our browser with the Gmail account, and we'll see how we see a list of all the data we can download. If we go down, we will see that among all of us we find the opportunity gmailwhich provides exactly what we are looking for, downloads all attachments and messages from our email account.

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That way we have to make sure Select the check box appearing next to this option and disabling the other settings so downloading is only Gmail data. In addition, we will see that we can also specify which folders we will download all messages and files from our tray by clicking on the button All Mail data is included.

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With everything ready and configured to our liking, the only thing left is to click the button Next step which we found at the bottom of the Google Takeout page. Now we can configure the format of the file where Gmail messages and files are downloaded. As we can see, is file format What we can choose is .zip or .tgz, and it is also important to know that if it takes many, it can be divided into several files.

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When we click the button Create file, we will be informed that the process may take several hours or even days, so we will receive the files containing messages and attachments to our mail by mail.

Written by Roberto Adeva

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