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Intensify the tasks to save the English Channel body – 02/05/2019

A new and third attempt to recover the body found among the wreck of the plane carrying the Argentine football player Emiliano Sala was held this Tuesday at dusk in stormy waters English channel. These waters are some of the most dangerous and evil in the world, especially near the island of Guernsey, where the plane fell. The weather changes in minutes. It explains the time difference in rescue attempts. If they do, they will also try to recover Piper Malibu who piloted the British David Ibbotson and it was lowered to 63 meters deep. The British agency AAIB, investigating the accident, reported from London.

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"We are trying to recover the body. If we succeed, we will consider the possibility of recovering the plane's wreck, "said a spokesman. And he said," Strengths in the power mean that we can only use a remote-controlled vehicle for limited periods every day, and that means that progress is slow. In addition to the results, we will not make any further statements until the family is informed. "

Slack waters occur when high and low tides change in place. It is the moment that is needed to work in a small window. It was at. 30:30 UK time on Tuesday. Another change of current was at. 19.30, when the team resumed their duties, which had begun at dawn. So far, the Geo Ocean III ship is entering the operation, which was hired to the British Ministry of Defense.. The mission had to end yesterday, but in the vicinity of being able to recover the body, it could be extended.

During Monday night, they had tried to save the body and failed. They returned to the bottom with their vehicles at. 9 in the morning without success. In the Geo Ocean III there are no divers and it forces to use the robotic vehicles. Therefore, attempts to rescue the body, which was made visible in the video, disappeared, the robots themselves recorded hours after the plane was found last Sunday.

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Diplomatic sources informed Clarin that it is "AAIB responsible for the operation." First, save the bodies and then decide if they can raise the aircraft, which has a weight of 1,500 kilos. Your recovery will be crucial to the skills that will help determine the causes of the accident. So far, the agency is paying for the operation. If it becomes complicated, it will be time for insurance companies and clubs to decide whether to fund this rescue because it will provide them with important information to establish responsibility.

The court fight starts immediately after the preliminary report from AAIB, which will be known in about a month. Cardiff interrupted payments to Nantes until liability was established and it is known what happened. The position of broker Willie McKay, who hired the plane and pilot Dave Henderson, who delegated the plane to Ibbotson, is very delicate. They can be accused of gross negligence if it is established that it was a commercial operation disguised as private and with a pilot who did not know how to fly with instruments.

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Sala and Ibbotson's families authorized the rescue of AAIB. The UK criminal agency will also intervene in the accident process to investigate the responsibility of the deaths.

So far, AAIB has not said who corresponds to the body observed in the video. But experts believe that by not breaking the plane, the pilot and Emiliano Sala can be in their seats, tied with the seat belt.

David Mearns, the British American oceanographer who was hired by the family, who found the wreckage of the plane only 6 hours after the search began 24 miles from the island of Guernsey, said it was "absolutely necessary that the plane was restored." Yagregó: "And more when we know there is someone down there." The researcher believes that with a ship equipped to work in the North Sea and with appropriate means to support a diving boat, the aircraft can be recovered in a few days.

The Argentine government thanked its British counterpart for finding the plane and asked him to continue his efforts to determine the causes of the accident. If this effort was made by the UK authorities, it is due to the mediation of the tragedy and also to the new and oiled Anglo-Argentinian relations.

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